“Steven’s hands on experience in eCommerce and amazon marketing has helped me many times. Steven is encouraging and supportive of testing and experimenting with different strategies and believes that the market is ultimate judge. Prioritizing to-do’s and practical screen shot examples made solving my issues very easy. He helped me navigate image removal from 2 of my issues and use the right channels at amazon to reach the right team at amazon. Steve is my last line of defense when google and amazon forums are not helping. Thanks Steve!” – Andrei Lozovik, Owner of New Wave Swim Buoy.

“Steven has assisted with the Amazon set-up and launch of several brands. He has proven to be an excellent resource and highly capable in understanding the world of Amazon. Furthermore, Steven is on point with budgeting his time and adhering to specific promotional budget requirements and aligning ROS expectations. Due to the various businesses we maintain, Steven has multiple retainers with our organization.” – Korie Trevino, Executive Vice President

“Steven gets the job done. He’s got the “iron fist” in the velvet glove and gets things driven with tact and persuasion!” – Shane Mummery, General Manager

“Steven motivates me to grow my business where I want to take it. Without him, I would have given up a long time ago.” – Gregg Rosenfield, Aspiring Amazon Seller

“STEVEN IS AMAZING!  AMAZING AMAZON GUY. I’ve hired Steven for 3 different brands and he’s helped fix situations no other consultant could.” – Steven Krane, Owner of World’s Best Tweezers.

“Steven is the ‘shot in the arm’ we needed to get motivated and do more on Amazon.” – Marketing Director.

“For the first time EVER in all the years I’ve been working with folks in the marketing consulting business, someone who said they could make a difference actually did. Not only that, it was done in no time flat! Everything Steven said would happen has!” I’m Happy!” – Roy Cranman, Owner of Mark Mender.