Amazon Brand Name Change Service

Have you tried updating the brand name for your listing yourself? Watch several how-to videos too but still did not find any success?

My Amazon Guy now offers a service where we can handle the work for you!

  • Gain access to brand building tools if brand name doesn’t match brand registry
    •  Includes: A+ Content, Brand Storefronts, Virtual Bundles, Amazon Live & More
  • Gain access to exclusive Sponsored Brand advertising, which includes the popular video ads
  • Protect your product listing information from other sellers

Pricing: $1000 for up to 10 ASINs & $2000 for 30 ASINs.

Our Brand Name Change Service Consists of:

Pricing: $1000 for up to 10 ASINs & $2000 for 30 ASINs.
*If we don’t succeed, we reimburse $500.

Frequently Asked Questions

So What If My Brand Doesn’t Match My Brand Registered Brand Name?

  • If your brand name on your listing does not match the brand name you have registered for, Amazon will not recognize your listing to be a part of your brand. Meaning that you are missing out on the benefits that you’ve actually signed up for!
Is Our Service Guaranteed to Work?
  • We do not offer a warranty, due to not being able to control Amazon’s response. But we average a 95% success rate and have a very public reputation to uphold. We would not offer this service if we were not confident we could do it. However, we reimburse $500 in cases where we are not successful.

Why Hire My Amazon Guy?

No longer do you have to face the confusing and often frustrating process on Amazon alone. My Amazon Guy has years of knowledge and experience behind us regarding brand name updates and many other catalog issues with Amazon. We know what Amazon needs in order to get your changes to be made. My Amazon Guy has you covered!

Protect Your Brand

Gain Access to Brand Building Tools

Opportunity to Create Sponsored Brand Campaigns

Get Your Brand Name Updated Today

$1000 for up to 10 ASINs & $2000 for 30 ASINs

*If we don’t succeed, we reimburse $500.

Our Brand Name Change Service Includes:

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