Amazon is a jungle. Let us help you navigate it.

All services we offer are meant to do one thing, grow sales. We do this by increasing your conversion rate, and improving traffic.

Advertising on Amazon

  • Sponsored Products
    • We break Amazon’s advertising down into 4 segmented campaigns to cover all potential customers
  • Sponsored Brands

Launching Products

  • We can help you launch a product from the ground up


  • Brand Storefront Setup. Simply provide us graphics and we’ll build it for you (requires trademark)

Optimizing listings

  • Using best practices to increase conversion rate and drive traffic
  • Updating copy
  • Adding secondary photos

Creating Enhanced Brand Content

  • EBC Description Setup. Simply provide us graphics and we’ll build it for you (requires trademark)
  • EBC Video Setup. Simply provide us with a video and we’ll get it on your products (requires trademark)

Advertising off of Amazon

  • Google Ad Words
  • Facebook Ads
  • Reddit Ads


  • Coupons/promos/Vine/Lighting Deals

Brand Registry

  • If you have a trademark, we can help you file Brand Registry on Amazon. This unlocks EBC, EBC Video, and Storefront

Product development recommendations

  • Let us guide you on what to do next in your product development

Competitor Analysis

  • We can scope out the competition and use their keywords to optimize our listings

Keyword research

  • Using analytics software, we can find the most optimal keywords for your products

Removing unauthorized sellers

  • Have unauthorized competitors? We can help get them off of Amazon

Launching International Amazon Accounts

  • Let us launch your brand on Amazon in Canada, Mexico, Europe, and more

Data management

  • We will keep you organized with Data sheet management
  • Need something changed? We will update the Amazon catalog
  • We can merge duplicate listings

Fulfillment and logistics recommendations and monitoring

  • Let us coach you on Inventory management
  • We will create shipping labels for your warehouse to take orders
  • We can find you money that Amazon owes you with Clawbacks and payment disputes


  • Can’t get into a certain category? Let us help you get through the gate.
  • Keep getting a “Hazmat Review” error? Let us help you clear that hurdle.

Managing Amazon tickets/cases to resolution

  • We will deal with Amazon’s support so that you don’t have to

Monitoring metrics and health of account

  • We will make sure that your account remains in good standing with Amazon

Validating product questions

  • Have a question about a product? We can answer it

Generating reviews and monitor reviews

  • We can help you get more reviews to create trust with customers and help boost sales

Driving strategic growth opportunities

  • Let our experience help you direct your business

Educating members of an organization

  • Let us mentor you and teach you how to be an Amazon expert


Additional tasks as requested