The History of My Amazon Guy

Steven Pope started his agency in the basement of his home. Within 48 hours of starting the agency, he signed his first full-service contract. A week later he hired his first employee. 


Within 90 days he had $30,000 in monthly recurring revenue. The company has grown fast, and so too have the clients that have been fortunate to work with My Amazon Guy. 

History of My Amazon Guy

Constant Growth and Improvement

A culture focussed on people and learning

Creating 100 Jobs

It's empowering to say we created 100 jobs. The first 100 were the hardest.

From 100 Employees to 300 in 8 months​

Our growth accelerated and we had to hire a high volume quicky. We called it a BHAG - A Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

MAG School was Launched with Similar Growth​

Teaching at scale and giving structure to thousands of students is dear to Steven Pope's heart.

Creating the first 100 Jobs

Employees come first at My Amazon Guy, above clients even. And that’s how we created the first 100 jobs. 

From 100 to 300 employees

Enroll in MAG School

Learn how sell better in Amazon, enroll in our MAG School courses

MAG School Launch

More than 2,000 students signed up for MAG School in its first week. And thousands more have since enrolled to learn how to better sell on the Amazon platform.

From 100 Employees to 300 in 8 months

MAG School was Launched with Similar Growth

Featured in Business insider, fox news, authority magazine

Steven Pope in the News

You may have seen or heard our fearless leader in the media.

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