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Steven Pope


Steven founded My Amazon Guy to help clients grow faster on Amazon. After serving on the corporate side as a marketing manager and eCommerce director for nearly a decade, Steven started teaching businesses how to leverage the largest eCommerce platform and logistics network in the world. The Grand Master of Amazon knowledge, Steven is a thought leader with more than 750+ videos of free content where he gives away all his trade secrets away. Steven oversees marketing and sales. Mr. Pope is an eagle scout, has an MBA from Western Governor’s University, and a BS from Weber State University. Read what My Amazon Guy employees say it’s like to work for Steven.

Nick Nido

Chief Technology Officer

Holding a masters degree in electronic engineering from MIT with a bachelors in business management, Nick has 15+ years experience in ecommerce business and technology operations. Nick has gained a significant amount of his Amazon experience while launching his own store on Amazon with it being so successful it was later acquired by an conglomerate 3 years later.  


Dustin Fenton

Vice President of Operations

Dustin Fenton directs all operations at MAG. Graduate of the University of North Georgia, with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Minor in Business Administration. Dustin got his start in eCommerce while working for a local textbook company when enrolled in school, and through this job he advanced to their Director of eCommerce and acquired a solid background in Amazon Seller Central account management. Dustin has interests in hiking, storm chasing, creating internet forum communities, and small business enterprise. His experience will be beneficial in assisting clients with their wide array of business needs.

Jason Mastromatteo

Account Director

Jason Mastromatteo started his professional Amazon career in 2014 breaking into the Amazon scene selling by means of RA and private labeling. He eventually took his Amazon knowledge and started consulting for other businesses, distributors, and retailers. 

Jason’s experience and extensive seller central & vendor central knowledge have helped him consistently manage and grow sales through his team at MAG.

Jason has interests in music, videography, skateboarding, and is a competitive Magic the Gathering player.

Dan Pope father of Steven Pope founder of My Amazon Guy

Dan Pope

Sales Manager

Dan is MAG Founder Steven Pope’s father. Dan is a lifelong computer geek with a love for weather and has a BS in Meteorology from the University of Utah. He worked for over 30 years as a Television Meteorologist, and has loved learning about all things technology throughout his life. Dan has high business acumen and knows how to read data. When he is not busy, he enjoys flying his DJI Phantom Pro 4 Drone or fishing on his favorite stream or lake. He also loves to take semi-professional photos of landscapes, astronomy and weather events. Dan was a mid-distance runner for many years, placing second in the mile run at the Utah State High School finals track meet. He also plays basketball, softball, volleyball, and chess (but he can’t remember the last time he beat his son Steven). Some of his favorite things to do are going four wheeling in the backcountry, hiking, wilderness camping, traveling around the world, and watching a good movie.

Matt Davis

Account Director

First coming to professional Amazon work in 2015, making the difficult decision to change careers after nearly a decade in the non-profit sector to pursue the entrepreneurial dream of building a business with friends.
Since that time, Matt has switched the entirety of his focus to professional Amazon work – first as a brand owner/operator, then as a product development executive, and finally transitioning to fully time Amazon Agency work in early 2020.
Matt has successfully managed millions of dollars in Ad spend, helping Amazon sellers of all shapes and sizes grow in the process by as he puts it “helping consumers find and fall in love with my clients on Amazon” and is passionate about doing just that –  from multi-million dollar accounts, to brand new businesses trying to sell their first product online.

Tessa Ryan

Account Director

As a current Amazon private label seller, Tessa has a passion for building accounts at all different levels. Tessa graduated from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse with a Bachelors in Psychology and started her eCommerce endeavors in 2017. She has gained a significant amount of knowledge of the Amazon platform and enjoys helping other business owners push past barriers and grow their own eCommerce accounts.

Kristen Dixon

Account Director

Kristen Dixon started her professional work on Amazon in 2016 working as an account manager. She has extensive knowledge in Seller Central and takes pride in helping businesses grow their sales and optimize their accounts. Kristen has a keen attention to detail and excels in finding opportunities for her clients.

Prior to Amazon Account Management, Kristen has a degree in Early Childhood Education specializing in Special Education and American Sign Language. Kristen has a passion for helping others and leadership.

Kristen enjoys spending her free time with her daughters and her dog. Much of that time is spent traveling with her daughter’s competition dance team and coaching volleyball.

Francisco Valadez

Account Director

A graduate of Monterrey Tech (ITESM) in Mexico with a Bachelor’s in International Business, Francisco Valadez has spent most of his career as an entrepreneur involved in retail, wholesale, and private label projects. He has led companies from humble beginnings to successful acquisitions.

Francisco got his start in eCommerce as part of a shoe company that sells through brick-and-mortar retail, department stores, and its own website. Most recently, Francisco fell down the Amazon rabbit hole while helping a company set up their own Amazon business. From that day on, Francisco has been 100% focused on Amazon retail. He has ample experience in Seller Central, and has proven his understanding of successful strategies to grow a brand’s online retail presence.

Outside of work, Francisco loves sports, cooking, reading, listening to vinyl records, and most of all, spending time with his wife and daughters. He coaches in both English and Spanish, and leads the Hispanic team in our agency

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