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Keron Ali, Owner of Natural Mystic Testimonial

Tim J Schmidt, Owner of Skin Pro, Testimonial

Joe Shaw, Owner of Flying Swine Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

Advance Supply Testimonial of My Amazon Guy "Made us an extra 100k profits in December"

Baraka Sinus Care Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

Super Naturals Health Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

Alan Miklofsky, alan's shoes Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

Steve Churchill, Owner of Urban Worm Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

AMZ Mattress Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

Melina Davari, Owner of YelloBae, Testimonial of My Amazon Guy​

Brad Kornelson, Owner of True Earth Paper Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

Aspiring Solutions, Suphy King Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

My Amazon Guy is the best. Steven Pope you are the best! Incredible Mastermind.

I have had 2 coaching calls with MAG, one with Steven, one with Dustin. Amazing! I was feeling overwhelmed and lost. Each call was sooooo worth it. Put me right back on track. Highly recommend!

-Matthew Furman 

Enhanced Brand Content My Amazon Guy Review

Harry Joiner, #1 National eCommerce Recruiter in the USA Testimonial

Jim Radosevic Coaching Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

Edgar Hamiel Testimonial

Robert Klick Coaching Call Testimonial

Sensory Jungle, DJ Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

Drdsupervalue, Jessica Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

Sarah Cox, Nisolo Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

American Cornhole Association, Logan Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

Wayne Woffard, Owner of Lens Swap Testimonial

Lunch with Norm Podcast on Amazon SEO - Tips & Tricks

Steven Pope's Quiet Light Brokerage Podcast Interview

We Grow Sales on Amazon. Unique Client Examples:

All above examples show the time we took the account on to a time period showing growth.

Kevin Sanders Maximizing Ecommerce Podcast

Jungle Scout Webinar with Steven Pope

Kevin Strawbridge, Former MAG Retail Group CEO Testimonial/Podcast Interview

Welcome to Growth Podcast: How to Grow Coffee Sales on Amazon

improve amazon sales
grow sales on amazon

Steven Krane, Owner of Regine Tweezers Testimonial

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My Amazon Guy on the Kaspien Master the Marketplace Podcast

Steven on the Payoneer Podcast

We and Me Testimonial

Gregg Rosenfield, Former Clear Channel Executive Testimonial

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Jennifer Cook, Owner of Green Earth Matcha Testimonial

The Quiet Light Podcast with Joe Valley - How to Open & Manage Multiple Seller Accounts

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My Amazon Guy on the Entrepreneur Adventure Podcast

“For the first time EVER in all the years I’ve been working with folks in the marketing consulting business, someone who said they could make a difference actually did. Not only that, it was done in no time flat! Everything Steven said would happen has! I’m Happy!” – 

-Roy Cranman Business Owner

Podcast Testimonials

Destaney Wishon Better AMS Podcast Testimonial

Cart Adventure Testimonial of the MAG Podcast

Francisco Valadez MAG Podcast Testimonial

Teikametrics recognizes My Amazon Guy as Top Amazon Podcast

MAG Client Testimonials Posted to Our YouTube Channel

Ecwid Podcast with My Amazon Guy

bootybrand booty brand
"I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to reach out in response to my comment - I'll definitely schedule an appointment. I added Amazon as a sales channel at the end of last year, and the content that you put together has been incredibly helpful in managing the unique "quirks" (major understatement) of Amazon. Thanks for all of the time and effort you put into providing such high quality content!"
Jennifer B.
Amazon Seller
"I would like to thank you for your quick help. It helped me a lot. I also want to say that you and your organization doing great work. Thank you for being there for Amazon sellers like me who has just started their business and don't know where to go if stuck somewhere. Once again thank you so much."
Pankti B.
Elegant Glitz
"I am very happy with how the A+ content is coming along so I have now purchased the Amazon Store build."
Lisa Porter
"Your site and youtube videos are super helpful"
Seray G.
Amazon Seller
"Probably the most valuable podcast out there as I listen to a lot of them."
Joshua F.
Amazon Seller
"Seeing these numbers gives me the confidence that I can and will launch additional products"
Mark K.
Amazon Seller
"First of all, THANK YOU! The numbers have been great, I can't believe it."
Mark K.
Amazon Seller
"Very impressed with the work that you are doing!"
Conor H.
"I came across your Podcast and the YouTune channel. Some of the things you have shared (e.g. Trademark, Keywords, SEO etc) is pure Gold."

Laura R.
Amazon Seller
"Your contents are the best of all FBA related Youtube channels. Full of legit and up-to-date Infos and fun to watch. Especially those live QnA streams are really liked!"
Donghwan K.
Amazon Seller
"As a marketing professional, I have to say that your how-to videos are brilliant. You give away incredible free education, but the ticket is building trust in a way that I was already sold on the monthly retainer simply because of what I experienced when putting your tips to work on a few of my listings. Bravo! Great strategy."
Melissa C.
Curative Shop
"I want to thank you for the great job you are doing with our account and our brand. We handed you a hot mess with several serious listing issues and you calmly got everything squared away and heading in the right direction again. We appreciate your professional and strategic approach to managing each aspect of our account and the communication has been fantastic! We are seeing positive results already and look forward to continued success with all of you at My Amazon Guy."
Chill Boys
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