Our Prosper Show Review: “I already learned all of this from My Amazon Guy!”

Our team just attended the Amazon Prosper Show 2019. At the end of the Show, our team sentiment was unanimous: “We’ve already learned all of this from Steven's team”. The Prosper Show was excellent for networking with vendors hearing about high level issues to put on our radar. However, if you want actionable information directly tailored to your business needs, just talk to Steven for an hour. His team routinely delivers more value on each of our weekly strategy calls than we gained from a full day of sessions at the Prosper Show.

Additionally, our team has worked with other LARGE agencies described as “best in class” and Steven’s team was a breath of fresh air when we made the switch. Many of those large agency account managers seem to give CYA advice that sounds like they’re just reading the Amazon Terms of Service to us. They advise us on what Amazon’s rules and metrics mean, but it often leaves us wondering what our best course of action is. However, Steven’s advice is markedly different. His solid understanding of e-commerce, operations and logistics along with his Amazon expertise help him give well-rounded and highly relevant advice that takes all of our business needs and limitations into account. He puts himself directly in our shoes and helps us make the decision with us as if it were his own company.

Overall, I would recommend Steven’s company out of any of the other Amazon consulting & management agencies that we’ve worked with. We’ve been feeling that for a while, but the Prosper Show reinforced that sentiment.
Luke Johnston
Amazon Ecommerce Store Manager at Alen Corporation
Steven’s hands on experience in eCommerce and Amazon marketing has helped me many times. Steven is encouraging and supportive of testing and experimenting with different strategies and believes that the market is ultimate judge. Prioritizing to-do’s and practical screen shot examples made solving my issues very easy. He helped me navigate image removal from 2 of my listings and use the right channels at Amazon to reach the right team at Amazon. Steven is my last line of defense when Google and Amazon forums are not helping. Thanks Steven!
Andrei Lozovik
Owner of New Wave Swim Buoy
Steven has assisted with the Amazon set-up and launch of several brands. He has proven to be an excellent resource and highly capable in understanding the world of Amazon. Furthermore, Steven is on point with budgeting his time and adhering to specific promotional budget requirements and aligning ROS expectations. Due to the various businesses we maintain, Steven has multiple retainers with our organization.
Korie Minkus Trevino
CEO, Industry Rockstar
Working with Steven at My Amazon Guy has been simple, educational, and great for the growth of our business. While I am still working on implementing some of his ideas, what I have done I wish I had done sooner. He understands Amazon ratings, product ranks, and pricing. I hesitated to raise prices when he told me I should. After a few months, I gave in and increased a few of the products as a test. I thought it would slow down sales of the products but I didn’t see any change (other than increased revenue.) And with Steven’s help, our Amazon advertising campaigns are under 10% ACOS! Incredible. Thank you Steven and My Amazon Guy for helping our business.
Travis F.
Amazon Business Owner
Steven is THE Amazon guy. Whenever I have a client who needs effective, affordable Amazon consulting, I send them to Steven. And their feedback on him has always been stellar. Steven's AMZN projects have included launching new products, catalog and data management, AMS/PPC, SEO, Brand Registry, and enhanced content. Steven is... Bright. Friendly. Prompt. Affordable.
Harry Joiner
EcommerceRecruiter.com & CMOsearch.com
MyAmazonGuy is a guru with Amazon and the knowledge of how to list, market and drive products using all the available Amazon tools. He has a team of professionals that oversee many projects and do what would take me a year (or more) to learn and only if I had the time. I highly recommend Steven and his team.
Brad Kornelson
Owner of True Earth Paper
I have never been happier with my Amazon management than with MyAmazonGuy. The account is in better shape than it ever has been on all fronts, sales, inventory management, advertising, and optimization.
Ola Gambari
Owner of Fresher Products
STEVEN IS AMAZING! AMAZING AMAZON GUY. I’ve hired Steven for 3 different brands and he’s helped fix situations no other consultant could.
Steven Krane
Owner of World's Best Tweezers
Steven gets the job done. He’s got the “iron fist” in the velvet glove and gets things driven with tact and persuasion!
Shane Mummery
General Manager
Steven has been a phenomenal consultant from the outset of our engagement together! Steven is extremely professional, intelligent, and responsive. He has been a terrific sounding board and has guided my business in a timely manner through pain points that have arisen. I highly recommend working with Steven.
Zachary Sperling
Director - Global Ecommerce at East West Basics
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