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Degrees: MBA and BS In Communications.

Our Founder, Steven Pope is one of the most sought after consultants and speakers in the Amazon marketing field. Helping major corporations, investment firms and small businesses alike, Steven brings current and accessible solutions and evaluations in actionable, simple-to-understand steps.
Thanks to his former life as a television reporter and marketing director, Steven brings thrives as a public speaker and remans focused on simplifying complex ideas. He will explain the exact methods he has used to double the sales of his clients, streamline their listings, and strategize their marketing campaigns.
My Amazon Guy is an expert in account management for Amazon sellers. He helps sellers navigate the complexities of selling on Amazon, optimizing their listings and strategies to maximize sales and profitability. With his extensive

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2 Million Views on Youtube
Steven Pope’s expertise in the Amazon marketing field has led him to gather over 2 million views on YouTube. His ability to process complex ideas into digestible steps has helped him grow his following across the Internet.

Steven Pope


Steven Pope


Steven Pope


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Take a look at a collection of news and media coverage, showcasing the noteworthy journey and expertise of My Amazon Guy and its founder, Steven Pope.

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Discover Steven’s experience as a public speaker and reporter before starting My Amazon Guy.

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