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Steven Pope In The News And Podcasts

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Steven Pope In The News And Podcasts

Front Page of San Diego Tribune

Steven Pope in the news
“They’ll be hiring at least one person per million raised, so with $7.2 billion raised in the space that we know about, that’s at least 7,200 people they need to employ,” said Steven Pope, a consultant and the CEO of the seller-services firm My Amazon Guy. That’s a conservative estimate, he added.
Steven Pope interview

“We will go from the bottom of the third inning and enter the top of the fourth when Thrasio goes public,” he said. “It’s inevitable they will go public the first available opportunity that allows them to get massive exposure and interest, and we will see thousands of new investors attempt to replicate the model.”

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Steven Pope bloomberg article

“Steven Pope, who has been selling gifts on Amazon for seven years, says he’s never been more nervous about a holiday season. Sales of his $50 “mom box” that includes a bath bomb, soaps and lotion, plunged more than 50% this Mother’s Day compared to 2021. He fears a similar drop heading into Christmas since shoppers are focused on necessities like food and gas and have less money for indulgences.


Pope, who also provides consulting services to more than 300 merchants, recently changed his marketing slogan to reflect leaner times. Before it was “We grow sales.” Now it’s “We deliver peace of mind.”


Amazon Sellers See ‘Scary’ Holiday Season as Consumers Pull Back

Steven Pope, an expert on Amazon’s operations, says fake reviews are bad news for both businesses and customers. “There’s increased competition for sellers on the platform, especially when you consider the Amazon aggregators,” he said. “About $13 billion has entered the space in the last year alone to buy Amazon brands. And then, Amazon makes that maturity go up and harder to sell on the platform. So the reason why fake reviews are showing up is because it’s really hard to sell on Amazon.” – WCNC Charlotte

NBC Columbus, Ohio asked Steven Pope, Founder of My Amazon Guy to come on the air and discuss Amazon “brushing” scam.

“You see boxes show up at your house, and you’re like, ‘I didn’t order this. Where’s this coming from?’ It’s called ‘brushing,’” said Steven Pope, founder of My Amazon Guy. Pope said “brushing” is a type of scam.

Steven Pope predicts 20% price hikes on Amazon, this interview was seen by 500k households including New York City, Richmond, and Austin, Texas.

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Check out all the latest updates and extensive interviews with My Amazon Guy. Our Founder, Steven Pope, has been featured in numerous news articles, radio shows, podcasts, webinars, guest spots, and much more.

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ShawnRHenderson , 05/27/2022
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RickContreras , 05/26/2022
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The most useful podcast for Amazon sellers, you will gain valuable and insightful information
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BCSunshineAZ , 05/26/2022
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This is a great Podcast! I’ve been selling on Amazon since 2013 and with their ever changing landscape it’s nice to have a resource that keeps up with it all! I learn something new EVERY episode ❤️
Kevin Sanderson , 03/25/2021
Very Knowledgeable and Passionate
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Steven is very knowledgeable and passionate on the subject of selling on Amazon. I respect Steven's opinions and look to him as a reliable resource for Amazon related knowledge. Highly recommend this podcast!
minivanclan , 01/29/2021
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Steven has a great energy on the podcast and really helps brings out the best in his guests. It’s nice when a podcast has energy and isn’t just saying the same thing over and over again on subject matter. Listen to this if you like great conversations and Amazon.
brtillis , 01/27/2021
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Steven touches on every aspect of selling on Amazon and offers so much value. He gives great insight on what it's like running your own agency, too. Certainly no "guru", he preached hard work and makes no promises. Just gives you the facts and helpful tips.
Don H 11795 , 01/05/2021
Amazing depth of information and insight!
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Steven has tremendous knowledge which enables him to ask great questions and share real-world insights with the audience. Excellent podcast!!!!
TDSKJ , 12/14/2020
Excellent Podcast
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Steven’s podcast is very well done and rich with practical, actionable information from someone who has a great deal of Amazon experience and has worked on many accounts across many product categories.
Sajag Agarwal , 12/05/2020
Awesome Podcast!
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Steven is fantastic, really in depth questions and a lot of educational value! Can’t miss this podcast if you’re actively selling on Amazon
Clarisse Gomez , 10/30/2020
Awesome Podcast!!!
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Steven, host of the My Amazon Guy podcast, highlights all aspects of Amazon, Sales and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
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Joshua8499 , 08/13/2020
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Dewish1 , 08/06/2020
Steven Pope - Radio Personnel
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This My Amazon Guy podcast is amazing! Both from a speaker standpoint and a listener standpoint. Steven has one of the most professional podcasts in the space due to how well he navigates the conversation with amazing tonality, and engaging conversation. It’s as easy to listen to as the radio! And podcasting skills aside, the topics are amazingly insightful as well. A gold mind for Amazon Sellers 🙂
sirMoseley , 05/07/2020
Golden Nuggets for FBA Sellers
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Steven Pope from My Amazon Guy provides excellent value for established Amazon sellers. If you want to lean how to optimize your FBA business, this podcast provides some excellent tips. Steven interviews experts in their field to share their insights on a number of this from accounting to listing suspension reinstatement. Listen to this podcast and gain actionable steps to become a more successful FBA seller.
SamuelWx , 03/11/2020
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Truly informative podcast from an industry leader in all things eCommerce, Amazon, Advertising, and digital marketing. Steven Pope is the real deal when it comes to Amazon, and this podcast is a great, entertaining, and free way to learn more about the ends and outs of eCommerce and Amazon sales.
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