Success Stories

MyAmazonGuy understands how to launch accounts on Amazon. Experienced in launching brands, new products, optimizing listings, PPC advertising, SEO, review generation strategies, and more, MyAmazonGuy can help you succeed on Amazon.

MyAmazonGuy grew the brand, Fine Occasion, from the ground up, reaching $500k annually.

MyAmazonGuy launched the brand, Meliora Goods, and it has grown to $12k monthly.


MyAmazonGuy has grown the brand, Footnanny, on Amazon. MyAmazonGuy has launched EBC, EBC Video, and a Storefront for Footnanny.

MyAmazonGuy has grown the brand, Abington Lane, on Amazon. MyAmazonGuy has saved Abington thousands of dollars with its logistics support. On one shipment alone, MyAmazonGuy saved Abington Lane over $10,000.

Steven Pope is your Amazon Guy. Steven has extensive corporate experience working as an eCommerce Director and Marketing Manager. With the know-how on multiple fronts, he specializes in growth hacking. Execution is what sets My Amazon Guy apart from other consulting agencies. Results matter. While other agencies focus on perceived gains, Steven actually gets you those gains.