Amazon Product Demo Video Service

Product Demo Video Service:

Pricing: $500 per Video

Looking for a video on your product listing? -> Increase your Amazon conversion rates with a custom product video.

My Amazon Guy is now teaming up with Youtuber & Marketing Professional Dave Taylor to create custom product demo videos for your brand.


  • Helps reduce return rates by addressing common customer questions and concerns
  • Catches buyer attention in a more interactive way than just plain descriptions and bullet points

Increase Conversion Rate

Highlight Product Features

Lower Return Rates

Answers Customer FAQ

About Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor is a professional content creator, professor, and author of 22 technical and business books. He has also published thousands of magazine and newspaper articles. His work can be found in the Boulder Daily Camera and Linux Journal. He is a frequent – and award-winning – public speaker who speaks at many trade and professional conferences every year. Dave has run large conferences, given dozens of keynote talks, moderated panels, argued on panels, and done just about every other job necessary to keep a conference running smoothly.

Dave also teaches graduate marketing and undergraduate presentation and public speaking courses at The University of Denver. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I upload a video to Amazon? Watch our tutorial video below to learn how to upload your new video to your Amazon product.

  • Can my video be used outside of Amazon? Absolutely! This video will be yours to own and can be used on your website or social media.
  • Do I need Brand Registry to Load a video to Amazon? Yes. If you need a Trademark to get your Brand Registry, we offer Trademark Services here.
  • How long should a video be? Amazon product demos should be around 2-3 minutes long.
  • Where does the video display on Amazon? Your video will display after your images on Amazon’s product image grid, as seen in the image below.
  • Get Your Amazon Product Demo Video Today

    Pricing: $500 per Video

    Our Product Demo Service Consists Of:

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