Cold Call Specialist

Responsible for identifying and reaching out to potential clients, scheduling appointments for the sales team, and assisting with the sales process. If you’re passionate about building connections (calling strangers non stop), creating opportunities, and driving growth, this could be the perfect role for you! 

As a Cold Call Sales Specialist, you will be an integral part of our sales team, helping us connect with potential clients and open doors to exciting business ventures.



What we offer:

Full transparency on what we will pay you

 Videos per day  20
 $ per Video  $1.5-2
 Videos sent Total Pay  $30-40.00
 $ per appointment scheduled  $20.00
 Videos to appointment at 7% Conversion  0.66
 Expected Meetings Booked Bonus  $13.2
 Expected Daily Pay  $43-53.2
 Monthly Pay  $958-1144

Employee Satisfaction Surveys
We love to hear from our employees every year through the employee satisfaction survey to make sure we’re providing the best possible work environment for them. Here are the latest results from March 2024:

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How to Apply

Please send us a 3-minute Vidyard video recording as follows:
1. Be on your computer
2. Have a webcam on
3. Pick an item on
4. Screen share and try to sell us the item
5. Send the Vidyard Video to us back here at

The actual job will look more like these videos from our current Sales Managers:

We are only judging you on how your camera presence builds rapport for this exercise and only expect you to be able to send a video recording of you screen sharing a basic sales pitch of an item you picked on Amazon.

If your Vidyard video is great, we will hire you. The interview process will simply be, “Your video was the best, here’s a job offer, when can you start.”
We would also like you to answer two questions on this 5 minute Culture Index Survey:

This is a fully remote role.

My Amazon Guy Employee Testimonial

“I am so blessed to be at MAG. A welcoming team environment. Safe place to ask questions.”


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