Amazon SEO Phase 3 - Strike Zone Keywords

Optimize your back end search terms for your listings on Amazon

In our Phase 3 of 3 Service:

    • Keyword & competitor research in your category
    • Effectively, hand select the best relevant keywords
    • Ranking for keywords organically, overtime
    • Increase visibility for your products, leading to higher clicks
    • Help your customers to find your product!

SEO Phase 3

About SEO Phase 3 - Strike Zone Update

This third SEO strategy follows our SEO Phase 2 – Copy & Pink Terms implementation of best practices.

In this strategy, we switch out existing keywords with keywords that are in striking distance. This is to completed with the goal to get keywords that are ranked 20-50 to rank 1-19.


  • Implementing our Strike Zone SEO Strategy will help maximize organic ranking for your products, in addition to the updates we have already implemented through our “pink terms optimizations” done previously for your account.
  • Increasing ranking on Amazon is a valuable tool to dominate your category, increase sales, conversions, and revenue.
  • Our tracking process will let us know in real time how our strategy is performing on your account.


  • Redo current backend Search Terms for mature listings
  • Ensure that Organic Phrases are “hit” with strike zone keywords (ranks 20-50) with the goal to get them to rank 1-19.
  • This strategy is only for products with 800+ Organic KWs Distribution

Benefits of Our Service:

  • Fully built and hand select keywords by experts
  • Rank organically for your keywords overtime
  • Increase visibility for listing, leading to increase number of clicks
  • You Have our Years of Knowledge and Experience on your Side!

Why Hire My Amazon Guy?

My Amazon Guy has years of knowledge and experience behind us regarding to keyword research with Amazon. We know all the ins and outs when it comes to selecting our choice of keywords for Amazon product listings. The mistake we’ve seen very frequently is that many sellers are often under utilizing their search terms! There are also a list of keywords and rules to avoid that you may not know of. With our internal search term optimization best practices, My Amazon Guy has you covered!

Keyword Research by Experts

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