Owner – Steven Pope. LinkedIn.
Steven built this agency to help clients grow on Amazon. After serving on the corporate side as a marketing manager and eCommerce director for nearly a decade, word of mouth spread about his ability to grow sales through growth hacking marketing techniques. There was so much demand that he created this agency and word of mouth is the only form of advertising the agency does to this day. Steven manages the team and oversees client strategic direction. Steven is an eagle scout, has an MBA from Western Governor’s University, and a BS from Weber State University.





Amazon eCommerce Specialist – Jacob Privette. LinkedIn.
Jacob helped growth hack Uber’s Restaurant Partnership program and has served as a client retention manager for Unbranded Marketing. Jacob oversees PPC, SEO, campaigns and data managmeent. In his spare time, he photographs weddings. Jacob speaks Spanish and is currently finishing a Bachelor of Science at Kennesaw State University.







Amazon eCommerce Specialist – Marlie Hillam.
Marlie is the staff Vendor Central expert.  Marlie has modeled for Momstir, and has help clients source products from China and Alibaba. Marlie speaks Portuguese and has served a missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Portugal. Currently a student at BYU in the Nursing program.








Amazon eCommerce Specialist – Daniel Lee.
Daniel got his start in eCommerce side hustling limited edition clothing on various marketplaces. He’s worked for several retailers, is an eagle scout, and is currently finishing a Computer Science degree at Western Governors University.