We will introduce you to an Amazon Aggregator we think is the best fit for your brand. Full disclosure, we may get a referral fee for the intro.

Amazon FBA Acquirers

Investors are pouring money into the Amazon space. They’re acquiring hundreds of brands and bringing them under one roof, an Amazon Aggregator business. We’ve seen consolidation in countless sectors historically and the Amazon FBA space is no different. Aggregators are jumping into the market with large funds bringing high levels of professionalism into the brands they acquire and accelerating their growth. The aggregators in turn hope to produce profits for their investors. 

The below information can help you better understand who Amazon aggregators are, and how to sell your business to them if you’re interested. 

Before exploring the list we must understand a few things.

What are Amazon Aggregators looking for?

Although every aggregator company has its own criteria, here is a general criterion your business should meet:

Registered Brands: Aggregators look for brand sellers you are selling primarily your own branded/private labeled products or if you are the manufacturers. If you need a trademark, you can order one from us and complete brand registry in under 7 days.

Fulfilled by Amazon: Mostly Aggregators are purchasing Fulfillment by Amazon merchants only because they do not want to deal with logistics and for the relative ease of qualifying for Prime status. Sixty-six percent of the top 10,000 Amazon sellers use FBA, according to Marketplace Pulse.

Profits and Margins: Each acquirer is different but most require a minimum of $200k annual net profit*, some require $500k annual net profit*. Most say minimum 15% net margins, some will be OK with 10% net margins but not lower.

Number of SKUs: More revenue fewer SKUs, for example, $1M revenue with 1-2 SKUs is more preferable than $1M sales with 50 SKUs.

Sales through Amazon: Each acquirer is different, some asking for a minimum of 80% of sales through Amazon whereas some are okay with 30% approx.

Loyal Customers: It is really a good sign if you have a loyal customer base. 

Niche: Each acquirer has a different niche interest according to their expertise.

No Black Hat Tactics: You must not ever be engaged in such activity that might result in a future deactivation of your account.

Not a Fad: Acquirers looking for businesses with a great future scope shouldn’t look like it will fade out with time. 

Why SELL your Amazon FBA BUSINESS?

Selling on Amazon can be more difficult and time-consuming for most sellers than what they were expecting. More than half of Amazon sellers are doing their business as a side hustle and 1/3rd as full-time jobs. Limited resources restrict them from expanding their business, hiring more employees, and improving their marketing strategy/funds. Not only for small sellers researchers claim that even for Good Profitable Amazon Sellers it can be very hard to manage inventory and the supply chain. 

On the other hand, aggregators are loaded with funds and a professional team.

Institutional Buyers of Amazon FBA E-Commerce Businesses:

Below is a growing list of Amazon FBA business acquirers, or Amazon Aggregators. They have large funds, and are aggressivly consolidating brands under one umbrella.


Thrasio has raised more than 2.3 billion in capital. More than 2/7ths of capital raised up to 2021. 


Perch is one of the most trusted Amazon FBA Aggregators, with a technology platform that allows them to seamlessly integrate and operate brands at scale. They have acquired 70+ brands, close deals in under 30 days, and 30%+ of their acquisitions have come from seller referrals. They recently raised another $775 million as well.


Built for sellers. They’re building the most seller-centric business on Earth. Tools, resources, capital, insights – Heyday’s here to help the world’s most ambitious sellers thrive.

Join Branded

150+ Million raised, 25+ brands acquired. One of the smoothest acquiring partners My Amazon Guy has worked with. Backed by Target Global, and many other leading investors.



Backed by international funds and founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with +30 years of experience in ecommerce, marketing and marketplaces, YABA is the most promising Amazon aggregator focused in Southern Europe and Latam.

stryze group


Stryze is a Berlin-based aggregator that has raised over $100 million in capital and currently focused on brands in Europe and North America. It develops and scales D2C brands for “pull” e-commerce (Amazon and other platforms) as well as “push” e-commerce (social media).

Acorn Street Capital

Acorn Street Capital (“ASC”) is an alternative lending company, making private debt and credit-related investments with a focus on structuring “bespoke” solutions. 

AIM Group

They specialize in acquisitions of successful family businesses. We will continue to work on what you have developed, together with the right, talented entrepreneur and fully aim for long-term continuity.


Acqu.co is an institutionally backed acquirer of Amazon marketplace brands with over $125M in institutional funding, on track to doubling our revenue every two months.

Cap Hill Brands

Founded by experts in e-commerce marketing, operations, and strategy—and backed by significant financial capital—Cap Hill Brands is a consumer products company that acquires and operates great brands at scale.We look for long-term businesses with strong competitive advantages. 

Centro Brands

Built By Sellers… for Sellers.  And with Over a Billion Dollars in total sales. Also a team of Former Top Tier Amazon Executives, World Class Amazon Experts, and Thought Leaders that made the (99% smart, 1% crazy) decision to find, buy & build incredible Amazon businesses – Like Yours – into Category Dominating Brands.

D1 Brands

D1 Brands is an Amazon-native team of private label FBA sellers turned aggregators who buy, build, and grow world-class ecommerce brands. They have a 100% close rate on deals and an average closing period of only 27 days. Sellers trust D1 because of their seller roots, and their high-touch, professional exit experience which offers them access to senior leaders at every step of the process.

Dragonfly Group

Talent Acquisition & Development in Greater China DRAGONFLY GROUP is a China centric Executive Search & HR consulting firm. For many years we have been helping companies to recruit and develop their talents in China.


Building the next great consumer products company by acquiring and growing brands that get their start on Amazon. We’re a friendly, experienced team that has built and grown our own brands on Amazon. We’re excited to take yours to the next level, and reward you for the hard work you’ve done.

Forum Brands

They buy Amazon FBA businesses and work to build them into world-class consumer brands.

Inflection Brands

They provide Amazon-first entrepreneurs with a seller-friendly path to liquidity and peace of mind knowing the next phase of their business is in good hands.


he Rainforest team are experienced growth operators in the consumer space and have scaled up multiple successful consumer brands. Our expertise lies in expanding brands through geographical expansion, marketing excellence, omni-channel distribution and increased financial rigour.



Raised 50-million. Benitago is built by Amazon Natives and is for Amazon Natives. Since listing their first private label product on Amazon in 2016, they’ve organically launched and grown 350+ best-in-class products, across 15+ different categories, on Amazon. They are looking to add to their family of brands in the US, UK and EU.

They just recently launched an Aggregator Offer Match Guarantee where they’ll price match any offer from any aggregator and add an additional $250,000. Details can be found here on their website: https://www.benitago.com/aggregator-offer-match-guarantee/


YOU PUT HEART INTO YOUR BUSINESS. WE WILL TOO. We Buy And Build Amazon BrandsSell your business fast, for the fair deal you deserve. Hand over to our team of e-commerce experts. Continue to benefit as we grow your business.

Recom Brands

They buy consumer-leading Amazon brands
and work toelevate them to their full potential. Whether you’re looking to sell, looking to partner, or just looking, tap into our unparalleled team to successfully grow your business.

Suma Brands

Suma was founded on the belief that the next generation of household brands will rise out of the Amazon marketplace, like the namesake the Sumauma tree rises out of the Amazon rainforest. Purpose is to find, acquire and help those brands realize their potential, both in the Amazon “jungle” and beyond.

Third Option Capital

Third Option Capital is a micro private equity firm focused on investing in profitable digital businesses with revenues of $1 million – $5 million.

Moonshot Capital

They are lead by a business operator and advisors with real hands-on experience running and growing businesses.

Upsellon Trade-tech

Algorithm Based Amazon Business. Experts in Amazon policies, Amazon APIs, and marketing strategies

Dragonfly Commerce

Dragonfly is an acquirer and developer of standout eCommerce businesses. Dragonfly is a team of experts who are here for the long run.

Katalyst Partners

Acquire, operate, and grow businesses where we can leverage our direct operating and domain expertise to create enterprise value.


The platform drives operational excellence and next-level growth, leveraging experiences and synergies across many different products and brands. We are seasoned E-Commerce operators with demonstrated experience in high-growth companies at scale. We love E-Commerce operations, strong growth, and we help to ensure our entrepreneurs’ products long-term growth and success.



Health and wellness is our singular focus. Led by consumer health operators and Amazon experts, Intrinsic acquires brands that make a difference in people’s lives and provides founders with direct access to Intrinsic’s team so that they can launch their next brand in the health and wellness space.

YM Inc

Interest: newest fashions and trends.

TCM Digital

As a full eCommerce solution, we find, identify, evaluate, purchase, manage and grow eCommerce stores. We increase sales, profit and margins by utilizing our eCommerce Super Brain platform and technology.

Centurion Ventures Capital LLC

Centurion Ventures Capital was founded by Hasnain Khimji with the goal to buy and personally manage a single business for the long term.
CVC offers a solution to business owners seeking to work with a new generation of entrepreneur who will personally manage their business.

Trio Media LLC

Trio Media LLC has been riding the wave of internet B2C and B2B growth since 2007. They are a holding company that operates a portfolio of eCommerce brands and invests in technology startups. Recently, grew tired of saying no and began offering limited consulting.

One Retail Group

A multi-national retailer and brand owner with a portfolio of home appliance, personal care and lifestyle consumer goods brands. With a head office in London and operations spanning 10 countries, our diverse range of products reach the hands of millions of consumers every year.


They acquire Fulfilled by Amazon brands. We are focused on buying, managing and growing brands and quality products. The partnership is important for us: we always work with clarity and efficiency, and of course, with our values ahead.

American Pacific Group

American Pacific Group is a private equity firm targeting lower-middle market investments in North America.


Focused on natural wellness and beauty, we’re market leaders spanning multiple categories and channels with an emphasis on ecommerce, including over $100MM annually on Amazon.

Primer Holdings LLC

Primer Holdings is formed by seasoned operators seeking to acquire and actively grow promising e-commerce businesses. They are investors and operators looking to acquire from founders who have developed unique, quality products with a stellar reputation among customers.

Monolith Brands Group

They provide flexible capital solutions and the infrastructure to optimize your growing business for success.


Greenhaus is a forward-thinking consumer products company seeking to acquire, fund, and support the long-term growth of Amazon private label businesses. Looking for leading categories and products that have strong sales history, rankings, reviews and opportunity for scale.

Stonyridge Ingredients

Committed to being a full-service ingredient supplier to customers. Source all raw materials packaging and deliver a turnkey product in the food, beverage, or nutraceutical industry.


Looking for brands with strong long-term growth potential.

Accel Club, Inc.

Sell your FBA business. Flexible scheme. Frictionless process. The best price.

Olsam Group

“With our ex-Amazon heritage, we bring together a team with deep expertise in e-commerce and finance, combined with unique operational experience in scaling Amazon FBA brands like no other.”



We are a Dutch firm that just finished our serie A equity round of 7.5 million euro and soon we will be supplemented by several tens of millions in “venture debt”.


GOJA creates, buys, and invests in great brands by leveraging our people, technology, and 11 years of Amazon expertise.

Group 206

“We combine operating expertise and entrepreneurial know-how to generate consistent, superior results for business and real estate acquisitions.”

Highfive Brands

They buy digitally native businesses from founders looking to sell to a trusted partner who will maintain the integrity of their brand. We are set up to close quickly to minimize business disruption.

Volition Capital

Volition Capital is a growth equity firm that principally invests in high potential, founder-owned companies across different technology.

Boosted Commerce

$137 Million in funding, 30+ brands acquired. Boosted Commerce buys, builds, and grows high quality commerce brands. The team is composed of entrepreneurs and ecommerce experts dedicated to growing your business while maintaining the integrity of your brand. 


Global focus on category-winning products, eBrands enables collaborative deals with FBA sellers. Founded by entrepreneurs and Amazon experts with sustainability in their DNA, eBrands approaches brand development with Nordic values and ambitious growth strategies. eBrands has raised funding in the tens of millions and continues to grow at an increasing pace.

We will introduce you to an Amazon Aggregator we think is the best fit for your brand.

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