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13-Billion Dollars Raised

Investors are pouring money into the Amazon space. They’re acquiring hundreds of brands and bringing them under one roof, an Amazon Aggregator business.

We’ve seen consolidation in countless sectors historically and the Amazon FBA space is no different. Aggregators are jumping into the market with large funds bringing high levels of professionalism into the brands they acquire and accelerating their growth. The aggregators in turn hope to produce profits for their investors.

The below information can help you better understand who Amazon aggregators are, and how to sell your business to them if you’re interested.

Before exploring the list we must understand a few things.

Steven Pope
Amazon FBA Aggregators

What are Amazon Aggregators looking for?

Although every aggregator company has its own criteria,
here are some general criteria your business should meet:

Why sell your Amazon FBA business?

Selling on Amazon can be more difficult and time-consuming for most sellers than they had imagined. More than half of Amazon sellers are doing their business as a side hustle and one-third as full-time jobs. Limited resources restrict them from expanding their business, hiring more employees, and improving their marketing strategy/funds. Researchers claim that even for Amazon Sellers who are seeing profits find it hard to manage inventory and the supply chain. Meanwhile, aggregators are loaded with funds and a professional team.

Institutional Buyers of Amazon FBA E-Commerce Businesses:

Below is a growing list of Amazon FBA business acquirers, or Amazon Aggregators. They have large funds, and are aggressivly consolidating brands under one umbrella.