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From our Day Parting Experiment:

32% isn’t just a number, it’s a strong indication that Amazon PPC Day Parting is a game-changing tool. 

Dayparting unlocks this hidden potential in Amazon ads, as proven by our test account. This is no longer optional, it’s essential.

Why You Would Want To Set Up Amazon PPC Day Parting


To Boost conversions with laser focus

Target peak hours (6 pm-12 am) when shoppers are primed to buy and watch your sales soar.

To Say goodbye to window shoppers

Slash wasted budget during off-peak hours (12 am-5 am) and reach only serious buyers.

To Dominate shopping events

Outbid the competition and capitalize on increased demand by strategically boosting bids during Prime Day or Black Friday.

To Stretch your ad budget further

Optimize ad spend for peak hours and reduce it during downtime, maximizing every dollar you invest.

Reach the right people, right at the right time

Increase ad budget when your ideal customers are most active, ensuring your ads resonate and deliver high ROAS.

Ride the seasonal wave

Adapt your ad spend to peak buying seasons, maximizing sales during high demand and saving budget during slow periods.

Performance vs. Day Parting (Schedule)


Performance Rules 

Ideal for a one-size-fits-all approach across the account. 

Increase bids when AC cost is below a certain percentage.

Day Parting (Schedule)

Ideal for scheduled optimization based on customer behavior.

Increase budget during specific days or hours.

How To Set Up Amazon PPC Day Parting

  1. In Seller Central, go to to Campaign dashboard and find the campaign you want to optimize.
  2. Under Campaign Settings, click Budget Rules and hit “Add Budget Rule.”
  3. Name it “Dayparting” or something catchy, then choose specific days and times to boost your budget.

Before Setting Up Amazon PPC Day Parting

It’s true that scheduling and day parting your bids can be as easy as 1, 2, 3, as the steps above suggested, remember there are crucial factor to consider and details you need to determine to make your day parting campaigns successful

1. Target Audience & Buying Habits


  • Who are your ideal customers? Understanding their demographics, online behavior, and typical purchase times is essential for effective dayparting.
  • When are they most active and likely to buy? Analyze your existing data to identify peak buying hours, weekdays vs. weekends, and seasonal trends.

2. Campaign Goals & KPIs


  • What are your campaign goals? Are you aiming for increased conversions, ROAS, or brand awareness? Dayparting strategies will differ based on your priorities.
  • Which KPIs will you track? Choose metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, and sales to measure the impact of dayparting adjustments.

3. Product Seasonality & Demand


  • Do your products have seasonal fluctuations in demand? Adjust your dayparting strategy to target peak seasons when sales naturally rise.
  • Are there specific days or events where sales typically spike? Prime Day, Black Friday, or holidays can be prime targets for increased ad spend.

4. Budget & Bid Strategies


  • How much can you realistically allocate for dayparting adjustments? Consider your overall budget and the potential return on investment.
  • Will you increase or decrease bids during certain hours? Decide on a bidding strategy based on your budget and the expected performance during different times.

5. Data Analysis & Testing


  • Have you collected enough data to identify clear trends and patterns? A strong understanding of your past performance is crucial for informed dayparting decisions.
  • Are you prepared to monitor and adjust your dayparting strategy based on results? Continuous testing and optimization are key to maximizing its effectiveness.
Amazon PPC Day Parting 32

0:00 Intro/ Amazon PPC Day Parting Changes

0:04 – Testing Day Parting and Seeing Positive Results

0:59 – Increase in Revenue from Day Parting

1:15 – Lower ACost from Day Parting

1:42 – How to Set Up Day Parting (Beginner)

3:17 – Performance-Based Budget Rules

5:10 – Pros/Cons of Performance vs Schedule Budget Rules

6:49 – How Amazon Benefits from PPC Tools

13:36 – Current Limitations of Day Parting Tool

14:05 – Need for Bid Changes not just Budget Rules

15:41 – Downside of Limiting Campaign Budgets

14:52 – Example of Limiting Budget for Non-Peak Times

16:14 – Future Additions Needed for Day Parting Tool

18:11 – Alternatives Like Bulk Sheets for Now

18:30 – Outro/ Bulk Skeets

How I am implementing Amazon PPC Day Parting in the Home Goods & Beauty Category (1)

6 Doable Tips for Effective Amazon PPC Day Parting

1. Leverage Additive Nature

Understand that Day Parting complements current bid modifiers, particularly Top of Search (TOS). Make the most of this cooperation to improve optimization.

2. Gradual Adjustment Strategy

Adopt a step-by-step procedure for making adjustments

3. Time-Specific Bid Increases

Demonstrate flexibility by illustrating a scenario where bids are increased by 25% on Sundays from 9 am to 9 pm. Tailor these adjustments to capitalize on peak performance periods.

4. Strategic Bid Customization

Craft a strategic blend of bid reductions and increases based on performance data. Fine-tune bids to strike a balance between optimal ad spend and performance.

5. Focus on Day and Time Precision

Customize bid adjustments based on specific Days of the Week and Times of the Day. Align your advertising strategy with customer behavior.

6. Caution and Testing Approach

Exercise prudence in testing bid adjustments. Initiate with conservative percentages and continuously monitor performance metrics.

Important Notes


  • Sundays and Mondays typically perform best on Amazon.
  • Consider data-driven adjustments based on your brand’s historical sales.
  • Currently, no bid-based rules, only budget-based rules. 
  • Consider limiting your budget during non-peak hours and increasing during peak times.

Future Expectations


Anticipate Amazon adding bid-based rules for more nuanced control.

Stay ahead of the curve with performance-based metrics and budget adjustments.

Amazon PPC Day Parting Warning
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