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Amazon PPC is critical to your success in driving traffic to your listings. We have helped hundreds of clients setup proper advertising campaigns and manage them to the best performing results possible. We set up segmented advertising campaigns on Amazon that cover all potential customers.

We can find the most optimal keywords for your products. We can scope out the competition and use their keywords to optimize our listings.

Our Ad Setup Service:

My Amazon Guy employees are Amazon Advertising Sponsored Ads Accredited.

Client Results & Testimonials

"I meet with Steven once a week to help my business grow. Every call we learn something new, and take action. I've been meeting with MyAmazonGuy for two years."
Ola Gambari
Owner of Fresher Products​
"I feel much much better after our meeting today. And I'm really excited about your advice. I can't stop thinking about it."​
Cari Neilan
Business Owner
"Steven is a marketing genius. He knows Amazon and SEO like noone I've ever met,"​
Jacob Privette
Amazon Growth Hacker​
"Steven has been a phenomenal consultant from the outset of our engagement together! Steven is extremely professional, intelligent, and responsive. He has been a terrific sounding board and has guided my business in a timely manner through pain points that have arisen,"​
Zachary Sperling
Amazon Manager at Abington Lane
"Our team just attended the Amazon Prosper Show 2019. At the end of the Show, our team sentiment was unanimous 'we’ve already learned all of this from Steven's team,"​
Luke Johnson
eCommerce Manager at Alen Corp​
"Steven’s hands on experience in eCommerce and amazon marketing has helped me many times. Steven is encouraging and supportive of testing and experimenting with different strategies and believes that the market is ultimate judge,"
Andrei Lozovik​
Owner at New Wave Swim Buoy
"Your team is awesome, the sales number keeps going up everyday. I'm so blessed to have you and your team behind supporting my business!"
Suphy Kung
Amazon Seller

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Improve Traffic

Improve Sales

Announcing MAGADS - Advertising Upgrade

My Amazon Guy is proud to announce we have upgraded our advertising management service offering.

MAGADS is a series of techniques combined with advanced macros to optimize current advertising efforts. With the new technology we will be able to update your advertising faster, more frequently, and more holistically. It will also increase the transparency of our efforts as we will store the bid adjustments for your viewing pleasure at any time. 

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  1. Auto Campaign
    1. Keywords chosen by Amazon, good for keyword discovery in case manual campaign misses any opportunity, medium spend
    2. Brand terms are negated
    3. Auto campaigns now have targeting split into 4 areas:
      1. – Substitutes: We’ll show your ad to shoppers who view the detail pages of products similar to yours.
      2. – Complements: We’ll show your ad to shoppers who view the detail pages of products similar to yours.
      3. – Loose match: We’ll show your ad to shoppers who use search terms loosely related to your products.
      4. – Close match: We’ll show your ad to shoppers who use search terms closely related to your products.
  2. Brand Campaign
    1. Brand terms are only used on this campaign
    2. Defensive advertising, not incremental sales, low spend. Protects us from competitors advertising on our brand.
  3. Competitor Brand Campaign – Often very small spend, high results, low impression counts, incremental sales
    1. Competitor Brand Term Targeting
      1. Competitor brand names are only used on this campaign
      2. Set up to target competitor’s brand keywords in order to gain market share.
  4. Competitor ASIN targeting
    1. Selective ASINs we want our product to show up on their detail pages. 
    2. We generally find search terms do poor when showing up on detail pages, however we find it beneficial to target specific ASINs.
  5. Manual Campaign
    1. Highly segmented ad groups, will have most benefit, most spend, most sales.
    2. Keywords are all manually chosen.
    3. We use a bid modifier to bid higher for top of search.
    4. Testing has shown using less than 50 keywords on manual campaigns is more effective than loading hundreds.
  6. Defensive ASIN Targeting Campaign
    1. Target ASIN from your own catalog.
    2. Places your ads on the detail page of your own products
    3. Keeps competitors off of your page while advertising more of your catalog to increase conversion and get some splash sales
  7. Sponsored Display
    1. Retargeting
    2. Past Purchasers
    3. Category and ASIN targeting Display
  8. Video Ads
    1. Hot and in demand.
    2. Requires professional shot videos. Recommend 30 seconds.
    3. Requires Brand Registry.

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  1. Currently in Beta. Low conservative testing recommended.
  2. Retargets users off of Amazon.
  3. Use on best sellers, not on every item.

Keyword Strategies

We add the keywords in the following three formats below, essentially A/B/C testing the keywords for strength. A keyword could perform better in any one of the below formats, and we adjust bids ongoing accordingly.

  • Broad Match

Generically targets the keyword, can have other words in search result mixed, has most impressions

  • Phrase Match

Must contain the phrase, can have other words in search result

  • Exact Match

Is exact match, and only targets when precise letter for letter keyword is used. Least amount of impressions, but most controlled and targeted format.

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