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2006 – Ongoing

Brand Overview

MacuHealth, a Michigan based company, was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Frederic Jouhet with a vision to develop and distribute consumer-based nutraceutical technologies that will improve quality of life and prevent disease.

MacuHealth is passionate about protecting people from blindness and about optimizing visual performance. This passion is accomplished through proprietary and patented supplement formulations that are designed specifically to rebuild macular pigment.

Our motto “Embrace the Science” is deeply rooted in guaranteeing absolute freedom and control to the scientists over both research and publication. Our research has also shown that for individuals with healthy eyes, diseased eyes with AMD, and for those with Alzheimer Disease, when the macular pigment is maximized, visual performance improves – in particular contract sensitivity and reduced glare from blue light.

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The Challenges

Improving Customer Experience – MacuHealth is a brand well known, however, the sales on Amazon were mostly by resellers. This meant that customers were obtaining a subpar experience, and not in accordance with the brand standards.

New Product Launches – MacuHealth has a new pipeline of products that require a strategic plan to be launched and gain market share in a competitive market such as Amazon’s.

PPC – No campaigns to grow market share and keep away competitors from MacuHealth listings were not available.

Conversion Rate – People that already knew MacuHealth were purchasing the product, thus, there was a lot of potential to increase conversions.

The Approach

In order to define our strategy, we started by analyzing our target market and its size.

We then followed a plan integrated with the following elements:

  • Marketing & Design
    1. We defined the main persona that purchase MacuHealth products, using data from Amazon Analytics
    2. We used the aforementioned data, to create captivated A+ Content, Infographics and Copywriting to address main customer pain points & concerns.
  • New Product Launches
    1. We analyzed the market size and main competition in order to understand the customer.
    2. We created a five-step plan so we have an Amazon retail listing ready before launching the product, thus, maximizing results when launching.
  • Advertisement & PPC
    1. We created campaigns with the main keywords, competitors, category, video and defensive targeting of our main competitors and our products to avoid customers window shopping in other listings.
    2. We continuously create value through posts so customers looking for solutions know our products.
  • Conversion Rate
    1. Even after optimizing the listings, we felt there was more opportunity for improvement. We ran AB title tests and discovered that a short title increased the conversion rate for these items.
    2. We continuously test main images to stay in trend within Amazon, so we can increase conversion rate.
    3. We also offer to subscribe & save promotions so we can deliver the same experience and product to our customers on a daily basis, saving them a lot of money in the process.

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The Impact

We managed to continuously increase sales, making Amazon an attractive selling channel for the brand.

With continue to beat Amazon’s average ROAS with an 8-1 in all our advertising efforts.

We are successfully increasing MacuHealth market share within Amazon marketplace.

Conversion rate increase with My Amazon Guy

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