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“You are the man Steven. I have been worried sick about this because I know how easily Amazon likes to suppress if any changes are made especially with ownership/trademarks etc. This answer provides me with the initial guidance I need to at least have some peace of mind. Greatly appreciated!”

– Greg Dowless 

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My Amazon Guy is the best. Steven Pope you are the best! Incredible Mastermind.

I have had 2 coaching calls with MAG, one with Steven, one with Dustin. Amazing! I was feeling overwhelmed and lost. Each call was sooooo worth it. Put me right back on track. Highly recommend!

-Matthew Furman 

Coaching testimonial for My Amazon Guy

I just want to say thank you for creating My Amazon Guy. I went through a terrible time earlier this year with a hijacking of an ASIN that resulted in me updating my old UPC codes (that I didn’t know you couldn’t use) to GS1. In updated to GS1 I lost all my product reviews.

I ended up losing all my product reviews on that product and killed my ranking. I talked with Saban a couple of times for troubleshooting issues and he is absolutely amazing. Also Matthew guided me on setting up advertising campaigns to try and get my product ranking back up even after losing all the 400+ 5 start product reviews. The item now has gained enough of the 5 star ratings back to get me back on the front page of my brand name keywords but the advertising advice has gotten my ROAS up to around 11 and things are back to normal overall.

Honestly Steven I had no where to turn and felt absolutely helpless until I found you guys! All I can say is a big Thank You for all that you do for everyone that tries to endure the daily ups and downs. You have a gift!

Keep up the great VIDEOS! They are tremendously helpful. Take care! 

~ Greg Dowless, Amazon Seller


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