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“You are the man Steven. I have been worried sick about this because I know how easily Amazon likes to suppress if any changes are made especially with ownership/trademarks etc. This answer provides me with the initial guidance I need to at least have some peace of mind. Greatly appreciated!”

– Greg Dowless 

“A big thanks Steven, can’t thank you enough, after 2 weeks of battle with Seller Support and then what you recommend Jeff and Seller Executive Relations team, they freaking removed the 1star product review from the competitor.”

– Dimitri J., Amazon Seller

We’ve been solving Amazon problems for over 5 years, and an expert staff of over 400 specialists gives us confidence we can find a solution that will work for you. Tell me more

SOP Library: Run your Amazon business with confidence

Avoid costly mistakes and increase efficiency with over 500 tried and tested SOPs. These are the result of over five years of Amazon experience, working closely with over 400 brands – our SOP library covers a wide range of helpful topics from SEO, PPC, troubleshooting, catalog management, and so much more

Agency SOPs: Spur improved growth for your Amazon agency

My Amazon Guy grew from $362,000 in 2018 to $20 million in only five years, and the steps that led to this dramatic growth are now available to you. Steven Pope details all processes that helped grow his agency so that you can duplicate his success.

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My Amazon Guy, your service is amazing for seller central management and marketing management.

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My Amazon Guy is the best. Steven Pope you are the best! Incredible Mastermind.

I have had 2 coaching calls with MAG, one with Steven, one with Dustin. Amazing! I was feeling overwhelmed and lost. Each call was sooooo worth it. Put me right back on track. Highly recommend!

-Matthew Furman 

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Coaching testimonial for My Amazon Guy

I just want to say thank you for creating My Amazon Guy. I went through a terrible time earlier this year with a hijacking of an ASIN that resulted in me updating my old UPC codes (that I didn’t know you couldn’t use) to GS1. In updated to GS1 I lost all my product reviews.

I ended up losing all my product reviews on that product and killed my ranking. I talked with Saban a couple of times for troubleshooting issues and he is absolutely amazing. Also Matthew guided me on setting up advertising campaigns to try and get my product ranking back up even after losing all the 400+ 5 start product reviews. The item now has gained enough of the 5 star ratings back to get me back on the front page of my brand name keywords but the advertising advice has gotten my ROAS up to around 11 and things are back to normal overall.

Honestly Steven I had no where to turn and felt absolutely helpless until I found you guys! All I can say is a big Thank You for all that you do for everyone that tries to endure the daily ups and downs. You have a gift!

Keep up the great VIDEOS! They are tremendously helpful. Take care! 

~ Greg Dowless, Amazon Seller


What Clients Have to Say About Coaching Calls with My Amazon Guy

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“I keep returning to MAG. You always have answer for us.”

– Greg S., Amazon seller 

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A big thanks Steven, can’t thank you enough, after 2 weeks of battle with Seller Support and then what you recommend Jeff and Seller Executive Relations team, they freaking removed the 1star product review from the competitor.

~ Dimitri J., Amazon Seller


Many thanks again.

One of the best if not the best Amazon agency with regards to resolving issues. And I have worked with fair amount of agencies over the years. And always enjoy working with you all and Saban who is always on point.

~ Julien, Amazon Seller


I work with Saban weekly, he is fantastic!

~ Yasmeen, Amazon Seller


I use MAG whenever I get into issues. They have successfully helped me many times.

~ Guy Wilmot, Amazon Seller


I am glad I made the decision to book the call!

~ Ed  Jozowski, Amazon Seller

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What Sellers are Saying

Hundreds of Amazon FBA sellers flock to us for thought leadership, account management, and more. Here’s what some of them have to say.

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Who is My Amazon Guy?

After years of experience on the corporate side as an eCommerce director and marketing manager, Steven Pope founded to help clients grow faster on Amazon. Steven Pope, a thought leader with nearly 1,000 videos on Amazon trade secrets, has become a celebrated figure in the eCommerce world. Whether working with Steven or another coach, you’ll get the sharpest insights and most actionable plans to help your business grow.

Do it the My Amazon Guy Way

Our years of experience has given us  wide and deep knowledge about successfully selling on Amazon, and we are now able to share this with others.

Introducing: MAG School Courses – launched at a low cost to give highly technical management in the hands of learning Amazon experts. If you pass our course, we certify that you have basic competence in these fields. This increases your chance to be successful as an Amazon seller and/or employable as a completer of these courses

How We Can Help you Grow Sales

Launching a new product may not always go as planned. Imagine your product launch, all your hard work put into this one moment. Week one the sales are booming, your product is taking off. Week two the sales are about the same as launch week, this is not worrying you because your product is still popular and selling. Week three sales are dropping, click views of your product are slowing, and you are not sure why? You see all your hard work slipping through your fingers by week four. How can you save your product? 

This is when an My Amazon Guy expert will be able to help. My Amazon Guy offers full-service management, advertising, search terms optimization, design, listing optimization, my refund guy, other marketplaces, other services, suspension, and trademark registration, all the assistance YOU need. Are you having issues with your trademark registration? Is there a copycat brand with a similar brand name and product that you cannot shake? You do not have to do everything on your own! 

You already got this far as an entrepreneur, let the experts at My Amazon Guy push you forward!

Just wanted to say thanks for the help yesterday. My listing is back up and running as of this morning. After I uploaded the flat file, I actually got an error message stating that I was “not authorized to sell this item” and the changes did not go through. But then I took the Pesticide Course/Test like you recommended, requested approval and re-uploaded the flat file. 

That time it uploaded without any errors. My listing changed from “Inactive” to “Inactive (Out of Stock)”, which was weird because I had a lot of units in stock but I figured I’d just give it some time, and at some point last night it changed to “Active”. Thanks again. Back in business 🙂 




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