Steven Pope will mentor you on ANY Amazon subject. Book a training call today to get advice on where to focus for the best sales growth, traffic improvements, conversion increases, or general Amazon navigation and troubleshooting. Coaching calls with Steven are $200/hr.

"I meet with Steven once a week to help my business grow. Every call we learn something new, and take action. I've been meeting with MyAmazonGuy for two years."
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Ola Gambari
Owner of Fresher Products
"I feel much much better after our meeting today. And I'm really excited about your advice. I can't stop thinking about it."
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Cari Neilan
Business Owner
What Clients Have to Say About Coaching Calls with Steven:
"Our team just attended the Amazon Prosper Show 2019. At the end of the Show, our team sentiment was unanimous 'we’ve already learned all of this from Steven's team,"
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Luke Johnston
eCommerce Manager at Alen Corp
"Steven is a marketing genius. He knows Amazon and SEO like noone I've ever met,"
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Jacob Privette
Amazon Growth Hacker
"Steven’s hands on experience in eCommerce and amazon marketing has helped me many times. Steven is encouraging andsupportive of testing and experimenting with different strategies and believes that the market is ultimate judge,"
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Andrei Lozovik
Owner at New Wave Swim Buoy
"Steven has been a phenomenal consultant from the outset of our engagement together! Steven is extremely professional, intelligent, and responsive. He has been a terrific sounding board and has guided my business in a timely manner through pain points that have arisen,"
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Zachary Sperling
Amazon Manager at Abington Lane
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Steven Pope, Founder of My Amazon Guy

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