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Technical Update: A+ Content Platform Reverts back to Old EBC Platform (USA Only)

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A+ contentA+ Content Platform Reverts back to Old EBC Platform (USA Only)

UPDATE: 4pm EST the new A+ modules are back up. You should be able to recover any drafts without problem.

As of 8:44am EST on 7/26/19 the new A+ platform Amazon rolled out about 10 days ago has now reverted back to the original EBC platform. It is still accessible, however, if you had any drafts in A+ content they are as of this moment inaccessible. We have contacted Amazon, but have not heard whether this work will be salvageable, and we do not know when it will back online if ever.

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Often Amazon tests beta roll outs, reverts, fixes a bug, then goes forward. We have no heard no news at this moment.