Account Reinstatement

Has your seller account been suspended or deactivated? We can help! Hire My Amazon Guy to get your Account Up and Running Again.

My Amazon Guy can Assist with the Following Types of Account Suspensions, Quickly and Efficiently:

Pricing: Tier 1 – $1000 – Suspension for Order Defect Rate Issues (A-Z Claims, Negative Feedback, Late Shipments, Chargebacks, Misuse of Parent/Child Variations, etc.)

Tier 2 – $2000 – Suspension for All Other Issues, Including Fraud, Legal Issues, Dropshipping Violation, Duplicate Accounts, Verification Documents, Copyright/Trademark, Inauthentic Products, etc

Note: We are not limited to these issues and can assist with any suspension type.

“Hi All, Saban, good news. Amazon reactivated our account!!! Great job. Thank you so much.”
~ Vitaly Kamynin

Account Reinstatement Service Packages Include:


Benefits of Our Service:

Why Hire My Amazon Guy?

It can be difficult and confusing to deal with the account reinstatement process alone. That’s why we’re here.

We have years of knowledge and experience behind us regarding account reinstatements with Amazon.

We know the correct team to contact, the correct action plan for your individual issue, and how to construct and submit a Plan of Action (POA) that will satisfy Amazon and allow for your account to be reinstated.

The faster your account is back online, the faster you can continue making sales and generating revenue.

Time is of an essence with account takedowns. Not only for sales, but also for ranking placement, advertising and your business’ livelihood.

Luckily, you don’t have to to worry — My Amazon Guy has you covered.

Suspensions FAQs

Need more help? Contact us with any
questions or concerns
A variable depending on each situation. If suspension is fresh on a active high producing account a response within 48 hours is common. But on non active or new accounts if frequently takes 7-14 days to get an initial response.
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“The team at My Amazon Guy is great! They were able to understand our issue and jumped right in to resolve it quickly. After being unable to sell on Amazon Australia for multiple years, they were able to work with Amazon support and get our account reinstated. We are very grateful for their help and would certainly use them again in the future if we have issues”

Juliana Brasil
Food Huggers

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Get Your Suspended Amazon Account Back

Tier 1 - $1,000

Suspension for order defect rate issues (A-Z claims, negative feedback, late shipments, chargebacks, misuse of parent/child variations, etc.)

Tier 2 - $2,000

Suspension for all other issues, including fraud, legal issues, duplicate accounts, verification documents, copyright/trademark, inauthentic products, etc – Note: (We are not limited to these issues and can assist with any type of suspension).

You can also do it yourself

Learn how to reinstate listings on your own with the MAG School Amazon Reinstatement Course. Enroll for $1,000 to get all our trade secrets and become an empowered Amazon seller in no time. Here are some of the topics discussed in detail in the MAG Reinstatement Course:

*We will make all reasonable efforts to reinstate accounts for up to 45 days.