How to Add an Email to Your Approved Sender List in Seller Central

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Email Automation for Amazon

If your automated email program is not figured correctly on Seller Central it can prevent the emails from being sent out. If you see zero emails being opened/sent this is a core trouble shooting step you should look into.
Amazon can block the emails from going out to customers because the email address is not on the approved senders list on your account. You will need to log into your admin account on seller central and add their email to the sender list.
This will list your email tool as an approved sender for emails from the account.
How To Add an Email for Email Automation for Amazon
We have reviewed 4 different automatic email providers
  1. Feedback Whiz
  2. Helium 10
  3. Feedback Genius
  4. Feedback 5
You can see our comparison here:
We currently believe Feedback Whiz has the best in class service.