Advertising Audit

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your campaign or understand why it is not as efficient as expected, the service ‘Advertising Audit’ is what you need. Advertising audits are also a great way to hold your current advertising agency or manager accountable. 

Advertising Audit Services Includes:

Advertising Audit Services Includes:

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Advertising Accounts Managed

SKU Analysis

Get an in depth analysis of how many ad dollars are being spent on each SKU. You will be able to see how well a SKU is performing and whether it is yielding a successful ROI. With this information, you can more accurately plan for advertising strategies and optimize campaigns.

Ad Spend Breakdown

Keyword targets need to be adjusted to ensure that ads aren’t being displayed for irrelevant searches. Instead, we want to shift focus to what we call AAA relevant keywords. These are keywords that are highly relevant and important for ranking efforts. Shifting focus here will rein in ACOS that may otherwise be thrown away.

Eliminate Non-Performing Keywords

To cut down on Ad Spending, keywords that are not bringing in impressions, sales, or clicks should be paused. The Click-through rate is an important factor. The target CTR is above 1%. Typically after a keyword has generated 10 clicks enough data has come in to determine the viability of a keyword. Any keyword with over 10 clicks and a CTR of below 1% and no sales should be paused. 

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