Advertising Audit

Looking to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns? Or understand why they’re not performing the way you want? Then you’ll need an Advertising Audit. Advertising audits will help get your campaigns back in shape or hold your advertising agency or manager accountable.

400+ Advertising Accounts Managed

What's Included:

00:00 Intro
00:48 3 Campaign Types
01:38 Sponsored Products Campaign
02:58 How much TACOS to spend
03:43 Automatic vs Manual Targetting
03:58 Start new campaigns/products in fixed bids
06:24 Creating Ad group
07:17 Advertising is done at the SKU level, not on ASIN level
07:51 Sponsored Products Automatic Targetting
10:40 Negative keyword targeting
12:00 Do you need product reviews before spending on ads?
Actual Automatic Campaign
18:05 Sponsored Products Manual Keyword Targeting
20:54 Sponsored Products Manual Product Targeting
23:47 Sponsored Brands Campaign
24:22 Video format is the fastest growing advertising methodology on Amazon
26:02 How to setup video format ad
28:25 Sponsored Brands Store Spotlight
30:20 Sponsored Brands Product Collection
32:14 Sponsored Display Campaign
34:26 Audience Views remarketing

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Advertising Audit Services Includes:

A person showcasing a PPC audit card for marketing management and account management.
A screenshot of a Google Analytics dashboard showing a graph related to Amazon marketing management.

SKU Analysis

See exactly how many ad dollars go to each SKU. With our advertising audit, you’ll also get insight into how well an SKU is performing and whether or not it yields a successful ROI. With this information in your toolkit, you’ll be able to plan more accurately for your advertising strategies and optimize your campaigns.

Ad Spend Breakdown

To ensure ads aren’t being displayed for irrelevant searches, keyword targets need to be adjusted. We’ll shift the focus to what we call AAA relevant keywords: highly relevant keywords that impact your ranking efforts. Shifting our focus here will rein in ACOS that may otherwise be thrown away.
A screenshot of a screen showing a number of different items in the marketplace.

Eliminate Non-Performing Keywords

Any keywords that don’t bring in impressions, sales, or clicks should be paused. It’s the most effective way to cut down on your ad spending. We’ll inspect click-through rates as we perform advertising audit services, with a target CTR of over 1%. Any keyword with over our standard minimum 10 clicks and a CTR of below 1% and no sales won’t make the cut.

A screen shot of the seller central management page on Amazon.