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Amazon Brand Name Change

Have you tried updating the brand name on your Amazon listing yourself? Watched several how-to videos with no success?
Then it’s time you turn to My Amazon Guy, so we can handle the work for you.
Amazon Brand Name Change
“Just wanted to say thank you very much for a job well done 😊”
~ Uzi O.

Our Brand Name Change Service Consists of:

Pricing: $1000 for up to 10 ASINs & $2000 for 30 ASINs.
*If we don’t succeed, we reimburse $500.

Why Hire My Amazon Guy?

When it comes to Amazon, you no longer have to face confusing and frustrating processes alone. My Amazon Guy has years of knowledge and experience regarding brand name updates and many other catalog issues with Amazon. We know what Amazon needs in order to get your changes to be made.

Protect Your Brand

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Testimonial: Damian Olive

Testimonial: David

“Wow, I’ve been stressing about this issue for the last 2 months and you were able to do it in a short amount of time, I really appreciate it. You guys are the shit hahaha and I’ll definitely refer all my FBA colleagues to your team.”


Mamba Wyn

Get Your Brand Name Updated Today

$1000 for up to 10 ASINs & $2000 for 30 ASINs
*If we don’t succeed, we reimburse $500.

Our Brand Name Change Service Includes:

Brand Name Change FAQs

Need more help? Contact us with any questions or concerns

A brand name change is the process of changing the brand node on your product from one to another.
There is no impact to your listing. *Brand store needs to be build so brand name links to brand store.
In usual conditions there are zero impact to sales during the brand name change process.
There is zero impact to ads. Ads are done on the SKU level. It has nothing to do with brand. However, Brand ads “could” be slightly affected and may need to be set up again. This work is out of scope but is likely not needed. There will be no issues with Sponsored Products ads.
3-30 days. Big range. There are tons of variables when it comes to Amazon Brand Name Changes.
There is zero impact. This is a data point and not a logistics issue.
No, but if we fail we’ll refund $500 after 30 days. Changing the brand attribute does not require you to update anything else, including images. I would be proactive with a brand name change, not reactive.
Minimal. If there is a parentage involved, the parentage must be rebuilt and reviews may not recombine. But no reviews are ever lost. FBA inventory is untouched. Luckily, we’ve never seen pushback from Amazon on a successful brand name change. Amazon’s public policies and copy-paste support tickets claim you can’t change a brand name but this is simply not true.
More simple cases can be completed within 7 days. We pledge 10-30 days as a service level agreement.
We don’t offer a warranty, due to not being able to control Amazon’s response. But we average a 95% success rate and have a very public reputation to uphold. We would not offer this service if we didn’t have the confidence in our abilities. For your peace of mind, we reimburse $500 in cases where we don’t succeed.