Amazon Listing Reinstatements

Has Amazon deactivated your top selling ASIN? Do you need assistance reinstating the yanked listing so you can stop seeing the “Page Not Found” dog webpage once and for all? We can help.


My Amazon Guy can assist with the following types of listing take-downs, quickly and efficiently:

“I got reinstated after doing what you told me. Thank you!”

~ Suhaib Khawaja


Reinstatement Service for $1,000:

Pricing: $1000 per ASIN needed for reinstatement.

Benefits of Our Service:

Why Hire My Amazon Guy?

You don’t have to face the confusing world of listing reinstatement on Amazon alone. We have years of knowledge and experience behind us regarding listing reinstatements with Amazon. We know the correct team to contact, the correct action plan for your individual issue, and how to construct and submit a Plan of Action (POA) which will satisfy Amazon and allow for your listing to be reinstated. 


The faster your listing is back online, the faster your brand can continue making sales and generating revenue. Time is of an essence with listing takedowns not only for sales, but also for ranking placement, advertising and more. My Amazon Guy has you covered.

Why Hire My Amazon Guy

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Listing Reinstatement FAQs

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We do not offer a warranty, due to not being able to control Amazon’s response. But we average a 93% success rate and have a very public reputation to uphold. We would not offer this service if we were not confident we could do it.

  • YES – If you have NOT submitted an appeal on this listing before engaging us. AND you provide us all proper documentation required to do the job.
  • NO – If you have previously submitted an appeal before engaging us.
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“It’s great, I’ve used your services to reinstate 4 different ASINs each time with a successful outcome.”
~ Antonio S.
AWD Industries
Brand Registry in 2022

I just wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the stellar job you two did in getting my listing reinstated. What had been taking me 7 days to try to accomplish (and failed miserably at!), took you two only around 12 hours!! To say that I was shocked and delighted is an understatement! I actually cried tears of joy when my listing appeared again! As this is my only money making ASIN and sole income stream, this nightmare situation we were in with trying to resolve this with Amazon (but being caught on the Amazon hamster wheel of hell!) was absolutely terrifying. To suddenly have Amazon shut down ones listing, without notice, and at the worst possible time (just funded several other products for development so need every penny of our Amazon earnings to pay our numerous and huge bills!) was overwhelming, and without you guys my listing would still not be active. I only wish I had found you and your amazing team sooner! As it stands, we lost over $7,000 in the week our product was suppressed by Amazon and are now making a speedy recovery. The investment in your services was worth its weight in gold, and was a small price to pay for having our listing reinstated so quickly! I had actually previously consulted with several “Amazon Sellers” attorneys who all quoted me around $4,000 to handle this, so the fee you charge is more then fair. Thank you for not taking advantage of sellers when we are down, and suffering financially due to Amazon’s crazy and indiscriminate ASIN removal actions! Since you did such a wonderful job and so quickly, I am thrilled to have just hired you to handle all of our advertising campaigns within Amazon as well!! It’s a very complicated system, too much for the average layperson to handle, and so I feel like I am now in the best hands possible to finally help us grow our online presence on Amazon, as well as elsewhere online. Mercifully, I now have extra free time to devote to my family, and not have to worry about our ad campaigns! So again, my deepest gratitude for helping my family through such a dire situation. You were so attentive and sympathetic to our dilemma, understood the issues immediately, acted quickly (same day service…who does that anymore?!) and you guys are awfully nice to boot! I am so looking forward to working with you and your wonderful team long term, and reaping the rewards of this very valuable investment! You guys are pros, and you totally rock! 🙂
Seriously, we love you! THANK YOU!!!!!

Suzanah J., FloraFemme

Get Your Listing Back Live Now

$1,000 per ASIN needed for reinstatement.

Our Listing Reinstatement Service Consists Of:

You can also do it yourself

Learn how to reinstate listings on your own with the MAG School Amazon Reinstatement Course. Enroll for $1,000 to get all our trade secrets and become an empowered Amazon seller in no time. Here are some of the topics discussed in detail in the MAG Reinstatement Course: