Amazon Main Image Hack

Are your Amazon listings struggling to stand out, leading to low click-through rates and stagnant sales?

Ever wondered why some products on Amazon seem to effortlessly attract clicks and sales, while yours struggle to get noticed?

Unlock the potential for increased profits by investing in a main image optimized using our exclusive Amazon main image hack!

Implementing Our Amazon Main Image Hack

To design a hero image optimized for Amazon CTR, we find the missing piece!

Here’s how we identify what your main image might be missing:

A main image that captivates is key to getting more clicks.

Our Amazon agency delivers Amazon-compliant (JPEG/PNG preferred, 1600×1600 minimum) main images that stand out.

Main Image CTR Hack
Jacket Main Image Hack

Enhance your Product Visibility

Amazon Main Image Hack: All About Identifying Areas of Improvement

Key questions to ask and focus on when designing Amazon CTR Main Image

1. Who

    • Target Audience

Who is the target age group for your product, and how can you incorporate age-related elements in the image?

    • Main Competitors

Who are your product’s main competitors, and what unique features can you highlight to stand out?

    • Listing Management

Who is responsible for creating and managing the Amazon listing to brainstorm ideas and ensure quality control of new images?

2. What

    • Key Features and Benefits

What are the key features and benefits of the product that should be highlighted on the packaging or tags within the image?

    • Important Keywords

What are the most important keywords that shoppers are likely to search for, and how can you use Amazon’s search term report to include them?

    • Amazon Image Requirements

What are the Amazon image requirements for main listing images?

    • Additional Elements

What other elements should be included in the main listing image, such as packaging, people, or accessories?

3. Where

    • Keyword Sources

Where can you find potential keywords for your main image optimization (start with Amazon’s search terms report and search query performance)

4. How

    • Photo Updates

How can you determine if a main photo needs to be updated based on performance metrics and visual appeal?

See real examples of Amazon CTR-optimized main images that skyrocketed conversions.

Amazon Main Image Hack Best Practices

  • Frame It

Keep product within frame for a clean look.

  • Show It All

Include all accessories for a complete picture.

  • Keyword Power

Use keywords in filename, alt text, and image (if possible) for better search visibility.

  • Grab Attention

Use high-quality, visually appealing images.

  • Packaging Smart

Show packaging if it adds value, but prioritize the product.

  • Highlight Features

Showcase unique features that set you apart.

  • High-Def Details

Use high-resolution images for clarity and appeal.

  • Lifestyle Shots

Show the product in use for better customer visualization.

  • A/B Test Winners

Experiment to find the highest performing main image.

  • Keyword Savvy

Optimize for relevant keywords using Amazon’s search term report.

  • Competitor Inspiration

Analyze competitor images to inspire your own strategy.

  • Quality & Aesthetics

Prioritize high-quality visuals to attract attention and clicks.

  • Call Out Key Features

Highlight important details with annotations or callouts.

  • Monitor & Optimize

Track performance and adjust your strategy for continuous improvement.

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