Amazon Product Reinstatement Email Templates

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Product Takedowns

Sometimes when Amazon takes down product, it requires an email to one of the specific departments to get it reinstated. Amazon Support will typically direct you to which team to contact.

List of Teams to Email:

  • Notice Dispute Team
  • Listing Evaluation Team
  • Product Compliance Team
  • Jeff Bezos Executive Team


Below are the email drafts that you can send to the respective teams regarding the product takedowns. Listed next to each draft is the email address of the team it should be sent to. Feel free to edit them anyway you like. Let me know if you need any more information.


Email Draft: Restricted Ingredients Takedown – (Goes to & & – Attach COA



We are contacting you in response to the takedown of our product ASIN: XXXXXXX. The reason given was that our product was found to contain restricted ingredients. We assert that this product does not contain any restricted ingredients and have attached the certificate of analysis for ASIN:  XXXXXXX as proof that this product is in full compliance with Amazon Policy. We, therefore, request that you reinstate our ASIN immediately and allow us to continue to sell.
Thank you for your understanding
[Your Company]


Email Draft: Brand Takedown – (Goes to & – Attach Invoice




Our ASIN: XXXXXXX was again taken down under false pretenses. There was a product detail page violation claim regarding the brand we have listed. This is a false claim as we are brand registers on the brand of both of these products. We have the correct brand labeled as is apparent on the product packaging. We have provided the requested invoice as proof that we own the product we are selling. This ASIN is in full compliance with Amazon Policy. Therefore, as brand owners and registers, we request that our ASIN be reinstated.

[Your Company]


Letter to Jeff Bezos – (Goes to – For emergencies and critical issues you can email Jeff Bezos’s executive team directly. You this option sparingly. Response time is between 2-3 weeks




We have reason to believe that our brand or account is being targeted by false claims of policy violations. Over the last few months, we have had almost 20 different products removed from the catalog. Listed below are all of the Case IDs from the product takedowns we have had to fight. The reason for half of the takedowns was for having the incorrect brand listed. This was not true as we are brand registered for all of the brands listed on our products. We have fought hard with Amazon to get these listings reinstated. Each time we were able to prove that we were and had always been in full compliance with Amazon Policy. As you know, these product takedowns are detrimental to our sales momentum. These takedowns seem to be occurring on a regular basis without rhyme or reason. We have done everything on our end to satisfy Amazon’s requests and have not received any recompense. Therefore, as brand owners, we request that an investigation be opened up to determine who is making these false claims and put an end to it.


Thank you for your understanding.


[Your Company]