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Most common Amazon Scams?

Here’s the deal: Scams hurt businesses, and that goes against everything we stand for at My Amazon Guy. We’re passionate about helping sellers avoid these pitfalls and thrive on the platform.

That’s why we offer expert guidance. We’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to identify and avoid Amazon scams. Let’s work together to grow your business the right way!

Don’t just take our word for it. My Amazon Guy is dedicated to your success. We’ll provide in-depth insights on how scams can impact your business, and equip you with strategies to safeguard yourself.


Review Manipulation

Sellers offering incentives for positive reviews or posting fake reviews


Phishing Scams

Emails or messages pretending to be from Amazon asking for personal information or directing to fake login pages.


Non-Delivery Scams

Orders that never arrive or are different from what was ordered.


Fake Amazon Websites

Phony websites that mimic Amazon’s design to trick users into entering personal information.


Overpayment Scams

Fraudulent buyers overpaying for products and requesting a refund of the difference, often using fake payment methods.


Gift Card Scams

Fraudulent sellers or emails asking for payment via Amazon gift cards.


Phony Customer Support

Scammers posing as Amazon customer service to obtain account information or payment details.


Unsolicited Offers

Unsolicited offers for products or services through email or social media that turn out to be scams.

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