Amazon Video Editing: Captivate Your Audience​

Sway your customers with an informative and entertaining video about your product. 

Videos can enhance your Amazon listing in a way simple words and images can’t. They help increase conversion rates as it highlights product features and provides an enhanced experience with music and voiceovers. 

Amazon Video Editing

Sample Client Videos
Here are a few of our favorite videos we made for our wonderful clients.
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Amazon Video Editing FAQs

Need more help? Contact us with any questions or concerns

All we need are your product images and specifications/details.

If possible, explain how your product is different from other sellers. Reference images or listings that you like. We recommend taking product images by a professional photographer. Supplier-provided photos will work too. Otherwise, you can take them from your phone.
Yes, we do. We’re experts at product photo editing and photo manipulation. We can manipulate any photo, design lifestyle photos through manipulation and can show your product used by models.

Not to worry. Simply tell us your requirements and we’ll provide you quality support. Contact us to get your questions answered.

If your required quantity is less than 5 we’ll charge $100 per graphic. If you need more than 7 images get in touch with us!

Do you have your brand registered on Amazon?

An appealing brand storefront with professionally optimized A+ content for your products will boost your sales to another level. If you don’t have a brand registry yet click here to learn how to get registered.

A marketplace brochure showcasing a variety of products for marketing management purposes.

EBC/A+ Content

The homepage of a website with many different images featuring account management.

Brand Storefront

Why My Amazon Guy?

We have years of experience in the eCommerce realm under our belt. We keep sales and conversions in mind with any image/graphic project we take on. Whether you have the perfect idea in mind, or want us to put our creative together to come up with something special, My Amazon Guy has you covered.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your satisfaction with the end product. Of course, we understand time is of the essence. That’s why we pride ourselves in quick and efficient turnaround time.

You’ll get high-quality graphics that make your product shine. Our services include high-end product photo editing, retouching/color, correction as well as lighting adjustment to give your product a clean look. Our infographics use bullets/features to explain your product details in an easy-to-read manner. We’ll also manipulate lifestyle images using stock photos/ models/props to show your product benefits and use cases.

And that’s not all. We provide custom iconography, typography, adding/removing something, adding a brand logo, and much more.

A man in a hat holding a microphone, representing the expertise of My Amazon Guy in seller central management on the marketplace.