How to Contact Amazon’s Catalog Team

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How to Contact Amazon’s Catalog Team

Example: Gating issue such as pesticides

1. Navigate to the top-right hand corner in chosen seller central account and click on “Help”.

How to Contact Amazon's Catalog Team

2. This will bring a side panel out. Navigate to the bottom of the side panel and click on “Get support”.

amazon seller central vendor online shopping support ticket

3. This will bring a list of options to get help on. Click on “Can’t find what you need?” near the bottom. This will drop down more options. Now click on “Contact Us”.

amazon seller central support vendor tickets

4. Once the Contact us page has loaded, click on “Selling on Amazon” on the left-hand side.

amazon google example seller central vendor ticket products inactive

5. This will bring up another side panel. Type something random in the “Tell us how we can help” text box then click “Get help”.

amazon seller central ticket help products inactive example

6. Now click on “Products and inventory”.

products inventory seller central tickets example online ecommerce

7. Click on “Issue Listing Products”.

seller central Amazon SKU ASIN help ticket

8. Click on “I don’t have an ASIN or SKU or Batch ID” then “Next”.

amazon seller central vendor asin sku batch id

9. Click on “Other product and inventory issues” then “Next”.

other product inventory issue seller central ticket support case id

10. Here you can fill out the “Contact Reason”, “Please describe your issue”, “Asin Id”, and “Your email”. Example below.

describe issue contact reason amazon seller support vendor

email amazon seller central support ticket case id