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Apply for a PPC Job at My Amazon Guy

If growing sales is what you do best, join us!
We are currently hiring talented and professional Amazon PPC Specialists from all over the world to join our team!

Are you looking for a remote position that fosters a work culture of “soft on the people, tough on the issues”, an organization that encourages teamwork, friendships, and lifelong learning through a fun and collaborative atmosphere sound appealing? Then My Amazon Guy is the place for you!

How to apply for a PPC job:

  1. Email your Resume to –
  2. Take the Culture Index Survey
  3. Take our PPC Quiz
PPC Jobs at My Amazon Guy

My Amazon Guy is Hiring

We want you to be part of our growing team. My Amazon Guy is one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in the USA with more than 300 employees from around the world. 


Plenty of Learning Opportunities

Work from Home

Room to Grow within the Company

Friendly & Knowledgable Staff

Creative Freedom

Flexible Work Hours

Fun & Collaborative Atmosphere


That’s Easy! Just follow the steps below:

1. Send your application form and attach your resume and/or portfolio to –
2. Take the 5 Minute Culture Index Survey.
3.To follow up your application, you can contact us at 

Full Job Description

Amazon PPC Specialist

The Advertising Specialist is responsible for managing the advertising spend of their assigned clients, making sure they are taking proper action to grow and maintain the advertising revenue of MAG clients, in alignment with MAG’s best practices and methodologies.


  • Identify opportunities to increase revenue via ad creation for clients assigned.
  • Create highly segmented campaigns across all ad types. Requires knowledge of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Displays, and strategies.
  • Monitor ad performance across assigned client accounts. Understanding why ads perform as they do, making adjustments to maximize successful campaigns, and cutting or modifying unsuccessful campaigns.
  • Continued keyword and competitor research to identify targets and opportunities to grow sales for our clients.
  • Able to see the whole picture of an account, offering suggestions on poor-performing accounts due to poor SEO, images, or copywriting.
  • Dedicated to self-improvement by reading, listening to, or watching material related to Amazon PPC, and the ability to describe new strategies to the team and implement those strategies.
  • This role requires some interaction with clients to understand the products and their goals and provide feedback.


  • Increase Revenue and eliminate wasteful spend
  • Achieve client ACoS and TACoS goals
  • The above metrics are repeated across client accounts assigned.
  • 1+ Years of Amazon PPC
  • Knowledge of Excel with an analytical mindset
  • Ability to derive meaning from data to make recommendations or changes


Trade your car in for a laptop! This position is remote, so you will not have to commute, saving time and lots of money on gas, vehicle wear, mileage, maintenance etc. There are however, technology requirements which you should have or be able and willing to obtain prior to beginning work. They are:

  • A reliable computer capable of processing large amounts of data and simultaneously running multiple programs and apps. 16 GB of processing power is recommended.
  • A reliable internet connection capable of streaming 30 person or more Zoom video meetings without choppiness or falling off.
  • A minimum of two monitors.
  • Microsoft Word and Excel


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)


  • Monday to Friday
  • 8:30 a.m – 5 p.m EST

Benefits (Domestic Employees):

  • Paid time offs
  • Sick days
  • Paid US Holidays
  • Healthcare (After 90 days of service)
  • 401k with a 4% matching

Why Work At My Amazon Guy?

Employees Come First

Many companies put clients or customers at the top of their pyramid. At My Amazon Guy we put employees first, and fire clients who disrespect our staff. We invest in people long term.

“Employees are critical to us. It is on Ownership and Management to support every layer above them.”
– Steven Pope, Founder

Not convinced? You can ask our current employees if we live up to this vision. They will tell you, we do.

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My Amazon Guy employs staff all over the world

My Amazon Guy employees around the world
Internships in My Amazon Guy

Work At My Amazon Guy

Apply for PPC position by following these steps:

Send your application by clicking the Apply Now! button below and attach your resume and/or portfolio.
Take the 5 Minute Culture Index Survey and the PPC Quiz (you’re allowed up to 30 minutes to complete the quiz).

To follow up your application, you can send us an email at 

I was fortunate to be part of MAG's first batch of its Advertising Internship Program. The timing was perfect for me as I was looking for an opportunity to learn more about Amazon PPC and at the same time to have hands-on training to work on accounts.  


When I started my internship, I listed down the things I wanted to learn. And I am happy to say that I've ticked all the boxes! My most favorite was "Optimization Using Bulk Files”. Bulk files and I, we did not get along at first, it was so scary seeing all those data! But I had a great mentor who guided me along the way. He patiently taught me step by step on how to process the data. He was very enthusiastic in answering all of my questions. He supported me until I gained the confidence in uploading my first, second, third (and so on) bulk uploads. 


The biggest advantage in working with MAG (and I must say one thing that I always look forward to every week) is its Weekly Ads Training. Every week, we discuss various topics about PPC. Interns/Ads Specialists/Ads Managers, we all share knowledge, information, and updates about PPC. During our discussions, we exchange ideas and feedback. It became an avenue not just to learn a skill, but also to clear any vague or ambiguous PPC topics. 


For me, the biggest disadvantage is the work schedule. As an Intern, I have to follow EST timing. The time difference from my location was only 8 hours, but being a morning person, I really struggled to keep myself awake. But if you are a night owl, then this will not be a problem for you.


So if you are considering joining the MAG Advertising Internship Program, my advice to you is to take action - APPLY NOW! The knowledge that you will gain and the skill that you will develop from this program will be invaluable. And who knows? From being an Intern, you might be the next one to be promoted as Jr. Ads Specialist! 

Maria Victoria Piedad