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David Bolt
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400 +

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We have over generated over $800 million on Amazon and have 400 active clients. This is a small sampling of the clients who we have scaled.
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Case Studies

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100 growth in 4 weeks My Amazon Guy Testimonial 1024x633 1
Big Growth in 4 weeks My Amazon Guy Testimonial 1024x602 1
829 growth after 1 year with MAG
011 From 4k to 50k per week
017 Revenue increase 22x in one month 1024x633 1
054 Superb growth from 33000 a week to 260000 in 4 months 808x1024 1
019 4x growth in a month 808x1024 1
018 Increased revenue and lowered ACOS in 3 weeks 808x1024 1
044 20000 rise in 4 weeks 808x1024 1
700 to 50000 in only 4 weeks 808x1024 1
My Amazon Guy Case Study Growth 50000 growth
From 2000 to 17000 in 4 weeks 808x1024 1
087 53000 revenue increase after only 2 weeks with MAG 808x1024 1