Discover the simple to implement strategies to grow on Amazon based on our proven systems that have generated over $800 million on Amazon.

Access the playbook our team uses to be able to quickly audit an account and have simple strategies to start impacting sales, profits, and ranking right away. 

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Benefits offered by our exclusive Brand Strategist Playbook

Comprehensive Roadmap

Gain access to a detailed, step-by-step guide for enhancing your brand's presence and performance. This roadmap is crafted to ensure precision in your strategic moves, with each step contributing to your brand's success.

Decision Clarity

Remove guesswork and uncertainty from your strategy planning. Our playbook provides clear guidance and actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions confidently and establish a clear vision for your brand's future.

Risk Mitigation

Safeguard your brand against the pitfalls of unproven strategies that could drain your resources. Our tried and tested tactics minimize risks and deliver tangible results, enabling you to focus on growth without fear of costly errors.

Assured Growth

Navigate the complexities of brand expansion with our proven, reliable methods. The playbook serves as your compass in the dynamic world of brand management, guiding you through challenges and leading you to sustainable growth opportunities.

Budget Efficiency

Implement cost-effective strategies that maximize ROI and drive success. Our playbook demonstrates how to allocate your budget effectively, ensuring each dollar spent contributes to your brand's growth and yields satisfying returns.

Strategic Adaptability

Stay ahead in the fast-paced market with flexible strategies that adapt to evolving trends and consumer preferences. Our playbook empowers you to pivot quickly, keeping your brand relevant and competitive in an ever-changing landscape.

Key Features

Comprehensive Growth Strategies

Comprehensive Growth Strategies

Roadmap of strategic growth levers to implement into your business based on what will have the biggest impact. Proven process that works. Rinse and Repeat for best results.

Account Audit Checklist

Account Audit Checklist

Quickly diagnose where your account has the most potential for growth so that you can invest your time for maximum results.

Profitability Tools

Profitability Tools

Discover our best tools for monitoring account results to be able to shift focus to the highest potential areas for growth as your needs shift.

Ready to transform your Amazon brand?

Get our Brand Strategist Playbook as your easy-to-follow roadmap to growth on Amazon.

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For Only: $297

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Why would you sell your strategy playbook?

As our founder, Steven Pope, always says, "it is not me versus you. It is all of us against Amazon."

Does this actually work?

There are no guarantees in business. With that said, this is basically the paint-by-numbers guide we give to our strategists and brand account managers to be able to grow client sales. We have optimized this based on our experience generating over $800 million with 500 employees of all level who follow this guide.

How will I receive it?

Once you purchase, you will receive an email within 10-15 minutes. This email will receive a link to simply copy the playbook into your own Google Drive account.