Remove Canadian Hijackers with a CAN TM

Remove Hijackers in Canada, which starts working within 24 hours of order using the serial number.

Note: If you are looking for Brand Registry in under 7 days in North America, please order a US TM instead. Only pending US TMs can gain Brand Registry this fast.

$850 total pricing: Includes CIPO filing fee, TM research, and any follow up communication.

1,800+ Trademarks filed

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Why do you need a registered trademark on Amazon?

Get Your Brand Registered Trademark in 3 Easy Steps

We make it easy.

Fill Out Our Online Form

Complete our quick questionnaire to begin the process. Submit an image of your name or logo mark, if applicable.

We Search and Compile

We’ll conduct a search to make sure your trademark isn’t too similar to existing trademarks or already in use. Then, we’ll compile your official application.

We File with CIPO

Once your trademark application is correctly completed and signed, we’ll file it for you through the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Do You Need a Trademark?

YES. Every brand selling their products online needs a trademark. A trademark protects your products and your brand. It means you are the legal owner of your brand, and only those who have your permission can use your brand name or logo. Without it, you have no recourse to another person or company ripping off your stuff. If you spend time and money investing in a new idea and don’t get a trademark or patent in place, someone can start selling your exact product and piggy back off your success.

How Does a Trademark Help me on Amazon?

Having a registered trademark allows you to sign up for brand registry on Amazon. Brand registry gives you access to exclusive tools and benefits, giving your products a competitive edge. With Amazon brand registry, you can:
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Trademark FAQs

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Trademarks give you legal claim over your brand names, slogans, and logos. Trademarks are for protecting brand identity; they do not protect inventions or original works such as art or music. Trademarks give you nationwide protection for your brand. Other sellers will not be able to use your trademarked brand name or logo to sell products, unless it’s with your permission.

We highly recommend word mark. It’s easier and cleaner and best for Amazon. Sometimes Amazon will interpret a design logo mark with slightly different punctuation or spacing. But a word mark gets exact match every time.

We can file both a Word and a Logo mark for you for an additional $850 if of interest.

Some companies use both a distinctive brand name and logo, so they decide to trademark both. This can be advantageous for certain brands, but both the brand name and the logo would require separate filing, which means double the fees. For this reason, many companies feel that filing a trademark for just their company name provides enough protection.

We can file both a Word and a Logo mark for you for an additional $850 if of interest.

Trademarks can last indefinitely as long as you continue to use the mark in commerce. A statement of use needs to be filed 5 years after the registration of your trademark.

We run a direct-hit trademark search to make sure that your trademark is not already in use. This saves you the money and trouble of filing and being rejected for “likelihood of confusion”, meaning that your mark is too similar or even identical to an existing trademark. Please be aware that our trademark search is a direct-hit search, and not a comprehensive search.

It can take 12+ months before your trademark is officially registered but can be immediately used on Amazon. You should receive your initial response from the CIPO within 3 months. You can speed up the process by making sure your application is accurate and responding promptly to any office actions sent to you by the CIPO. Amazon recently started allowing brands to get their brand registry faster with a Pending Trademark and you no longer have to wait until final approval. 

Yes. Any business filing a trademark in the USA from an international location must hire an attorney, which we provide. This is due to an update in 2019 from the USPTO. So this is a great net benefit of using My Amazon Guy!
Yes. The attorney files the TM directly in your name or business name, domestic or international, we accept it all.
No. You can upload to Amazon immediately. You do not need a TM to sell on Amazon. You just need the TM to get the brand registry to get access to A+ content and the brand dashboard. It is wise for you to file the TM now so that over the next few months while your items go through the supply chain you’ll have the TM quicker.
Yes. We recommend using a word mark for the purposes of Amazon. Design marks don’t need words, but it’s anybody’s guess how they get interpreted by Amazon on brand registry. And the reason you need is it because without a word mark the brand name has to match the TM or you don’t get brand registry recognition. By using a word mark you avoid having a brand name that doesn’t make sense or is truncated in the brand attribute of Seller Central.
  1. A CIPO search to make sure the TM will be accepted and isn’t too similar.
  2. A review of the wording/mark to make sure it passes UPTO requirements.
  3. The filing of the TM.
  4. Any responses required from the CIPO to get the mark approved.
  5. If you are not actively selling your product, we can create a page for you to clear CIPO requirements.

You are purchasing a TM from us to do a search on the CIPO, file the mark, get you quick serial number, and then you can file brand registry and complete it in under 7 days. After the TM is on the principal registry, our work is done and managing your TM following the filing is your obligation. If the CIPO requests an action prior to the mark being accepted on the principal registry we will action it on your behalf.

Within about 7 days. You can go to and use the pending TM serial number and file the mark. The fastest we’ve seen is 2 days. But 5-7 days is the average.
We recommend filing for your Trademark as soon as you have a sample on hand with your brand name affixed to it. Just take a cell phone picture and file your mark with us.
A specimen is a real-world example of how you are using your trademark on goods or in the offer of services. A specimen is more than just a picture of your trademark or logo. For goods (products), acceptable specimens include labels, tags, packaging material, instruction manuals and containers that display the trademark. Please note that brochures, business cards, catalogs, and stationery are generally not acceptable specimens for goods. Take a cell phone picture of your product in it’s packaging to submit a specimen to My Amazon Guy.
Yes. If you aren’t sure what category to pick, leave this blank on your application and we will pick a category that broadly meets your item so you can protect it as much as possible.
Usually no. But if you need to file in multiple categories because you have items in very different verticals, we can file a 2nd category for you for an additional $500 per additional category. Amazon will let you brand registry apply rather broadly across categories, unless someone has the same mark as you in a different category. This is the only time we see challenges.
No. EIN is not needed. Just legal name and address are required if filing a mark under a business. If filing under a person, just your name and address are required. No other personal identification required.
We send you the filing paperwork and a serial number in under 1 business day (24 hours). We also send you a full guide to register brand registry step by step on Amazon.

Legally you need to have an item available for sale, and your brand name in use, to file on the principal registry with the CIPO.

For Amazon Brand Registry requirements we’ve seen the ability to place a sticker on an item with a brand name affixed.

It is ideal if you also have a website page with the item listed (on or off Amazon).

You must have a TM application on file and we will verify whether it will be successful or not.

The opposition is $1000 for preparation and filing, with an additional $600 official fee.

Amazon changed the policy to require the TM to be fully completed. We have found reporting it this way with the pending serial number works but may take a few attempts.

The moment you have a product with packaging that has the logo on it. You want to reserve the name to protect it. But you also need a cell phone picture of said item to file the TM easily.