Best Practices to Sell and Merchandise on Amazon

Setting up an Amazon account is easy. See a quick guide here. For as little as $39.99/month, you can start your own amazon seller account. Seller central is straight forward, and sending your product to Amazon (FBA) makes the entire experience easier. 

Amazon works great for sellers who are:

Dropshippers – a seller who uses another warehouse ship the products to their customers. 

Resellers – a seller who purchases items to resell.

Brand Names/Private Label sellers -a seller who creates an original product on their own. 

Managing inventory is easy using Amazon Seller Central. ASC will help keep track of your items and can alert you when you are running low.

Many successful stores have come from selling on amazon. Private label is the best way to get your brand known since Amazon does most of the advertising for you. If marketed correctly, and you can see 1000s of sales a month. Many multi-million dollar brands have started by selling on Amazon. Whether you manufacture your own items or resell, you can find plenty of success on Amazon. There are millions of shoppers on Amazon right now, and your product can be shown front and center to these many potential customers. The average consumer is more likely to buy from Amazon because of their protections for buyers and sellers, as well as fast shipping with Amazon Prime. Shipping your products to be Fullfilled by Amazon (FBA) will ensure your customer receives your product quickly, most Amazon Prime customers purchase items from FBA.


Great Keywords – Using programs like Helium 10 and Jungles Scout can help you craft the perfect title and description to get your product the exposure it needs! Using strong keywords can help get your listing attention without paying for ad services. This is one of the most cost efficient ways to get attention to your product.

Beautiful Pictures – Having great images can boost sales as customers tend to buy with their eyes. It is better to have more pictures and a video if possible. Infographics can help customers decide whether they found the right product or not. Large clear images are ideal to help make the sale.

Winning the Buy Box – If you are reselling on Amazon, you’re going to want to win the Buy Box. Winning the Buy Box simply means having a more competitive price on the listing. In this example, the Buy Box is won by Momstirs, so they will most likely sell the product first:

Quality Products – Providing a quality product will improve success rate and feedback which will lead to more sales. Some people believe the cheapest route is the best, but don’t fall into that! If you sell poor quality products, your sales will reflect it. Customer will leave negative feedback and you will receive a lot of returns. Sourcing a quality product should be very important before selling on Amazon.

Great Feedback – Feedback will increase your seller ranking and gives the customer a good reason to purchase from you. There are 3rd party programs that can automate feedback requests from the customers and you are going to need as many good reviews as possible. The more reviews your product has, the more likely your item will sell and the higher it will rank on Amazon. 

Sponsored Products/Promotion – Amazon offers a PPC program to pay to promote your items. If promoted properly with strong keywords, this can convert a lot of sales. If you would like to learn more about advertising on Amazon, please continue reading here: https://myamazonguy.com/advertising-management/


Does Subscribe and Save Work?

Simply yes.

Depending on your category, sub & save can work wonders. We have a client in the consumable category that has over 200 active subscribers on one SKU. I highly recommend enabling sub & save if you are in any topicals/consumable categories.

If you already enabled sub & save and want to know how to view the number of active subscribers then follow the steps below.

  1. Hover over the “Reports” tab and click on “Fulfillment”
  2. Navigate to the left-hand panel and click on “Subscribe and Save Forecasting”
  3. Select the date that is at least 30 days back and request download.

    Should you like to learn more about this or need help please contact us at MyAmazonGuy.



How to launch and sell a product on Amazon, getting the your first sale

In this video I go over the basics of getting your first sales on Amazon, building traffic, conversion, and more.

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