How to Update Advertising Payment Method on Seller Central when Credit Card Payment Fails

Need to resolve a payment failure issue in Seller Central?

Payment failure

We were unable to successfully charge you for an outstanding balance in your account. At this time your ads are no longer being shown on Amazon and will not be shown until this problem is corrected. You can retry these payments immediately or edit your payment method and retry. 

Watch our video to find out what you can do to address this Seller Central accounting issue.


Amazon Advertising Broad Match Modifiers Now Work in Seller Central Ads

Advertising on Amazon has changed a lot this past year. Many new beta roll outs, like Beta Display last week, have been implemented. Amazon could catch up to Google’s functionality very soon as a result. They are still way behind. One recent change we noticed today was keyword modifiers for Broad Match now work. This is something Google long ago pioneered for Adwords.

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