What Is A Copyright?

– A type of legal protection given to content creators and artists.
– Copyright provides legal ownership of the work, when a person creates a story, a work of art, or a piece of software.
– Creator receives exclusive rights to the use and distribution of the work for a set amount of time.

What is eligible for copyright?

– Literary works
– Advertisements
– Architecture
– Artistic works
– Technical drawings
– Films
– Tv shows
– Podcasts
– Choreography
– Music compositions
– Concerts/live performances
– Computer software/hardware

Examples of NON eligible for copyrights

– Facts
– Ideas
– Method of Operations
– Systems

Protections with a copyright

– Reproducing your work (copying your created content)
– Create other works based on the original work.
– Display the work in public
– Ability to sell copies of your work
– Perform the work in public all for a period of time.

The time limit for a copyright depends on the date of the work. Anything created after January 1, 1978, has a copyright for the life of the author plus 70 years.

There are a couple of exceptions to this rule. Someone who creates a work anonymously will have copyright protection for 95 years from the publication date of the work. Alternatively, they’ll have copyright protection for 120 years after the work’s creation date. The same is true when someone commissions a work from a creator.

The american court system defends copyright law STRONGLY.

Economic Rights

– Translate to foreign language
– Allow Derivative works
– Allow Broadcasting on tv, radio, or streaming
– Allow reproduction of work publicly/in print
– Allow public performance (i.e. music or play)

Moral Rights

– Object to unfair attack that would hurt the author’s reputation
– Publish work anonymously
– Object to usage that will damage your works perception/reputation
– Claim ownership of the work

Should you register your copyright?

It is not necessary
why to register?
– Have public record of copyright
– File Infringement lawsuit in court
– Receive return of legal fees for claim

How to register?

– Fill out application
– Pay application fee
– Pay deposit for legal copy of your work.