How to Create a Fulfillment Order on Amazon for eBay/Walmart/Other eCommerce Channels

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How to Create a Fulfillment Order on Amazon for eBay

This guide shows you how to step by step create a fulfillment order out of Amazon’s FBA inventory to ship to the location of your choosing. This works for website orders, eBay orders, or any order really.

1. In the inventory page on Amazon, find the product you’d like to ship. Click on the dropdown menu next to the “edit” button and click “Create Fulfillment Order.”

fulfillment order by amazon

2. You will be brought to this page. We need to fill out everything with an asterisk and the “Order ID.” That information is in eBay.


3. In eBay, go to your “My eBay” page. Click “Selling” and click “Sold.” Here we see there is a product that needs to be shipped. Click on “View order details.”


4. The order details you need are under shipping address. The order ID you will use is the buyer’s username, highlighted in yellow.

fulfillment order

5. Fill in all the information into the Amazon Fulfillment page and click continue. You will then be brought to this page. You shouldn’t need to change anything but if the shipping needed to be changed, this is where you would do it. Click “Place Order.”

5 1

6. Go back to eBay. In the dropdown menu for that sale, click “Marked Shipped” and the “Leave Feedback.” Give the buyer a positive rating and leave a note like “Shipped on *today’s date*. Thank you for your order!”