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Full Service Listing Optimizations

Have an existing or new listing that is under performing? Wondering how to your session & conversion rate for your listing? My Amazon Guy can help!

What we’ll do to optimize your listing:



**Photography not included – Digital work only.



**Photography not included – Digital work only.

What is a Full Service Listing Optimization?

A Full Service Listing Optimization is the process of updating & changing the listings product detail pages (which includes title, bullets, descriptions, listing images and A+ content) that will result in improving search visibility, click-through rate & conversion rate to overall, generate more sales.

What’s Included in Our Full Service Package

The Full Service Listing Optimization Package done by My Amazon Guy will cover all your bases! It includes the following:

  • A+ Content Design
    1. Logo Header, Graphic Designs
    2. Full SEO & Alt Text Optimizations
    3. 500 Words of Crawlable Copy
  • SEO Optimizations
    1. Title
    2. Bullets
    3. Product Description
  • Back End Search Terms
  • Competitor Report of this Product
  • New! Brand Story Module on Listing
  • 6 Fully Optimized Listing Image Graphics
    1.  Main Image
    2. 1-2 Infographics
    3. 1-3 Lifestyles

*Photography not included – Digital work only.

Increase Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Improvement in Search Visibility

Boost in Conversion Rate (CR)

Why Hire My Amazon Guy

Why Hire My Amazon Guy?

No longer do you spend time learning about keyword research & wondering what would be best or how to increase sales for your listing. My Amazon Guy has years of knowledge and experience in growing sales for over 100’s of Amazon Sellers. Our full services professionals are using the top resource tools at our disposal to benefit your listing! We are up to date with Amazon’s Seller Best Practices & will apply that directly to your listings. My Amazon Guy has you covered!

Benefits of Our Service

Improve Search Rankings

Tell Your Brand Story

Showcase Multiple Products

Example Infographics

What is (EBC) A+ Content?

Enhanced Brand A+ Content gives sellers with Amazon Brand Registry the opportunity to modify their product description with images and various text placements. EBCs let sellers tell their brand story and showcase their products. Sellers can use EBCs to describe specific product features, compare a line of products, and display additional lifestyle photos.

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content

Well-designed Enhanced Brand Content can increase customer engagement, leading to higher conversion rates. EBCs also provide another opportunity to increase search rankings by including relevant copy and image keywords. EBCs are especially important in highly competitive fields; customers may use EBC as the deciding factor when choosing between multiple brands.

Benefits of Crawlable Text

To put is simply – crawlable text is the highlightable product descriptions and details included within your A+ Design! 

Is It Really That Important? YES! Here’s why: 

  1. An A+ Design that uses only images and infographics (like the one below) may look very nice. Striking and eye catching. But what use is a pretty image if no one is looking at it? Crawlable (highlightable) text directly impacts your listings SEO ranking. Take advantage of all the keywords available to you. Using crawlable text greatly helps with indexing the product.
  2. A+ Designs with heavy crawlable text are very informative! Use this space to tell a story! What is your brand?  What is this product? How does one use this product appropriately? How can the product benefit your life?! 

Example A+ Content

Examples A+ Content Design: