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Helium 10 Bradley Sutton Serious Sellers Podcast

My Amazon Guy Founder Steven Pope joins Bradley Sutton on the Helium 10 Serious Sellers Podcast.

“Steven Pope is a top Amazon thought leader and founder of My Amazon Guy, which offers full-service management from advertising, search engine optimization, and A+ enhanced brand content design, to catalog merchandising and inventory management for FBA. 

Before he started with e-commerce, Steven was a television reporter as well as a nationally ranked chess player. Over his marketing career he has helped businesses like APMEX raise SEO traffic 10-million unique visitors year over year, and others increase marketplace sales upwards of 300%.” – Read more here.

Steven Pope joins the Helium 10 Series Sellers Podcast

In episode 224 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, Bradley and Steven discuss:

  • 02:51 – Son of a Weatherman, TV was Steven’s First Career
  • 05:34 – Selling Everything from Plus-Sized Clothing to Silver and Gold
  • 06:33 – A Series of Failed Start-Ups Gave Him E-Commerce Experience
  • 10:30 – A Light at the End of the E-Commerce Tunnel  
  • 11:30 – Working in a Traditionally Challenging Niche
  • 14:52 – Selling (and Shipping) a Fragile Amazon Product  
  • 18:12 – Is a “Just in Time” Supply Chain Dead?  
  • 20:30 – A Big Shout-Out to Helium 10’s Frankenstein from Steven   
  • 23:30 – Looking Closely at Keyword Rankings    
  • 26:42 – How Steven Promotes Keywords
  • 30:18 – Amazon’s “Back End” Strategies
  • 31:34 – Going All in to Convert for a Phrase  
  • 34:21 – How to Connect with Steven  

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