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As your business grows on Amazon, you’ll want to track progress at a SKU level. That way, you can spot what’s profitable and where you can decrease spend.

Our clients have enjoyed Helium 10’s profit tracking tool to measure their Amazon account’s progress in profits. The tool gives clients a bird’s eye view of the business and profitability reports for individual ASINs. But that is not all this tool has to offer…


View your gross revenue from sales after estimated costs. With this, you can instantly identify which products are making you money and which are costing you money.

Refunds & Expenses

The Amazon seller refund process can be confusing and time-consuming. Luckily, H10 makes the process much more simple. You’ll receive FBA refund estimate totals in seconds instead of hours.

Keyword Ranking

This tool makes it fast and easy to track keywords and optimize your Amazon product listings.


With this, you can manage suppliers, account for inventory, create purchase orders and more. Receive projections for all your SKUs and stay informed by knowing when and how much to order.

How Does Helium 10 Help You Grow on Amazon?

By tracking profits, inventory, keyword rankings, and expenses we can make more informed prioritizations and goals for growth. It can particularly help in the following areas:

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More Reason to Invest in Helium 10

As Amazon’s rules and guidelines change, knowing when your listing has issues can be a lifesaver. The faster we are aware of a problem, the faster we can fix it.

We’ve found that the one of the best tools to combat lost revenue from listing errors and suppressions is with an ASIN monitoring program like Helium 10’s – Product Monitoring Alerts 

Helium 10 Alert Features

Helium10 Market Tracker SOP

Helium10’s new Market Tracker tool allows you to track your competitors on a daily basis and compare your sales to your overall market’s sales. Market Tracker lets you create your own market by choosing the competitor ASINs and your own ASINs that make up your market, as well as choosing your top 3-5 keywords to track.
Market Tracker works in the U.S., Canadian, German, Spanish, Italian, French and British marketplaces.

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Why Hire My Amazon Guy?

Here at My Amazon Guy, we have a wealth of experience behind us regarding keyword research with Amazon.


We have a fine-tuned understanding of what it takes to select keywords for Amazon product listings and have seen firsthand that sellers are not using their search terms to the fullest. In addition, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of keywords and rules to avoid that many aren’t familiar with.


With our internal search term optimization best practices, My Amazon Guy will have you covered.