How to setup Strike-through “List Price” on Amazon?

My Amazon Guy

If you don’t have MSRP filled in on your Amazon items, take 5 minutes and get it filled in. It can increase your conversion rates immediately.

  • What is MSRP? It is a “list” price that can show on the front end of Amazon. It makes the item look like it is on sale, improving conversion rate.

Other Frequently Asked MSRP Questions:

  • Why was this not used before? Amazon discontinued MSRP for Seller Central almost 3 years ago. We saw recently they are now displaying it on occasion. 
  • We filled in MSRP but the list price doesn’t show on my listing, why? We can’t control whether Amazon displays the attribute, but now that we have filled it in, it may show upon Amazon’s choosing.
  • What is the best price to put in on MSRP? Typically between 25-35% above the sale price.