ICAP Marketing Funnel

These resources below can help you! In your Seller Central account, go to the Search Query Report and follow the below recommendations.

ICAP is the 4th SEO Phase at My Amazon Guy: Market Share

Steps to Use the ICAP Marketing Funnel:

  • Ensure that the list of ASINs you are using matches the overall criteria for this phase: 
    • Mature indexed listings which are currently eligible for phase 3 SEO 
  • Next access the search query index portal 
  • Choose the Eligible Brand for the Listings which you are optimizing for
  • Select Report Range as Monthly, Select the current Year, & Select the previous Month
  • The metric we will be sorting by will be “rank” best to worst (a rank of 1-50 is the focus point)  

Where to Apply Keywords from the ICAP Report: 

  • Title
  • Bullets
  • Description
  • A+ Content crawlable text
  • Back end search terms
  • Alt text 
  • Advertising 
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Faith Denniston, My Amazon Guy’s Senior Brand Manager highly recommends watching this video and familiarizing yourself with the Search Query Report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDsphG2GsBE&t=620s&ab_channel=MyAmazonGuy 

She says “If you’re ever at a loss on how to strategize with your client, this video will give you a breakdown. The funnel acts as a tornado; typically, these numbers will decrease as you go down the list (in Steven’s video, his ICAP funnel is actually inverted)

  • Impressions: A customer /saw/ the product (Sponsored Ads and organic results both count as an impression)
  • Click: This is when you click on the perceived listing from the impressions portion of the funnel
  • Add to Cart: Keep in mind that people can add things to their cart and continue shopping and not necessarily follow through with the purchase
  • Purchases: self-explanatory
In short:
  1. If your conversion rate goes up the deeper into the ICAP funnel you go, then you’ll need to spend more on ads
  2. If impressions are smaller than clicks — consumers is finding your product more relevant than your competitor’s product, but we need to get the product some more visibility
  3. Search Query Report will, by default, rank items by order of importance. IE, items ranked higher are more important to whatever you’re trying to achieve
  4. If CTR is higher than impressions: you should spend more time on the product (ie, imagery, SEO, pricing). If CTR is lower, then you should focus elsewhere”

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