ICAP Marketing Funnel

The best way to increase your market share on Amazon is to increase your:
  1. Impressions
  2. Clicks
  3. Add to Carts
  4. Purchases
These resources below can help you! Go to the Search Query report and follow the below reecommendations.

ICAP is the 4th SEO Phase at My Amazon Guy: Market Share

Steps to Use the ICAP Marketing Funnel:

  • Ensure that the list of ASINs you are using match the overall criteria for this phase: 
    • Mature indexed listings which are currently eligible for phase 3 SEO 
  • Next access the search query index portal 
  • Choose the Eligible Brand for the Listings which you are optimizing for
  • Select Report Range as Monthly, Select the current Year, & Select the previous Month
  • The metric we will be sorting by will be “rank” best to worst (a rank of 1-50 is the focus point)  

Where to Apply Keywords from the ICAP Report: 

  • Title
  • Bullets
  • Description
  • A+ Content crawlable text
  • Back end search terms
  • Alt text 
  • Advertising 
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