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Internships At My Amazon Guy!

Are You Interested in Joining the MAG Team but Don’t Have Experience?
DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU! Apply for an internship position at My Amazon Guy!
We are looking for individuals who enjoy working remotely with a dedicated and professional mindset! My Amazon Guy offers multiple opportunities to expand your knowledge of PPC, SEO, Merchandising, Copywriting, Design, Information Technology and much much more!

To Apply at My Amazon Guy:

  1. Email Resume to
  2. Tell Us Why You Want The Internship
  3. Take Our Culture Index Survey


Plenty of Learning Opportunities

Work from Home

Room to Grow within the Company

Friendly & Knowledgable Staff

Creative Freedom

Flexible Work Hours

Fun & Collaborative Atmosphere


That’s Easy! Just follow the steps below:

1. Email us your resume –
2. Take a moment to share with us WHY you want this internship! Tell us about yourself and why MAG would be a perfect place for you!
3.Take Our Culture Index Survey! Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers!

Full List of Internship Positions

We Are Hiring Interns On All Fronts!

  1. PPC
  2. SEO
  3. Design
  4. Merchandising
  5. Copywriting
  6. Amazon Troubleshooting
  7. Executive Assistants
  8.  Information Technology (IT)
  9. Accounting
  10. Human Resources
  11. Social Media!

The Internship Experience:

  • Experience one on one training directly from the experts at My Amazon Guy!
  • Try out different teams and departments that interest you! If you’re tech savvy and have a love for fast-paced work environments, we have a spot for you!
  • The Amazon landscape is always changing, and we need committed interns who can adapt to new knowledge and new techniques.
  • Through hands on experience you will be working with real clients while receiving direct feedback from our experienced professionals!
  • No Experience Required! 
  • Tech Savvy
  • Hard Working
  • Comfortable in Fast-Paced Environments


Trade your car in for a laptop! This position is remote, so you will not have to commute, saving time and lots of money on gas, vehicle wear, mileage, maintenance etc. There are however, technology requirements which you should have or be able and willing to obtain prior to beginning work. They are:

  • A reliable computer capable of processing large amounts of data and simultaneously running multiple programs and apps. 16 GB of processing power is recommended.
  • A reliable internet connection capable of streaming 30 person or more Zoom video meetings without choppiness or falling off.
  • A minimum of two monitors.
  • Microsoft Word and Excel


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)


  • Monday to Friday
  • 8:30 a.m – 5 p.m EST


  • Work Remotely (No Commuting!)
  • Raise and Promotion After 90 Days of Employment!

Why Work At My Amazon Guy?

Employees Come First

Many companies put clients or customers at the top of their pyramid. At My Amazon Guy we put employees first, and fire clients who disrespect our staff. We invest in people long term.

“Employees are critical to us. It is on Ownership and Management to support every layer above them.” – Steven Pope, Founder

Not convinced? You can ask our current employees if we live up to this vision. They will tell you, we do.

Can't Wait? Get Started Now! Check out some tutorials!

Come Work At My Amazon Guy!

Become a My Amazon Guy Intern!

Send your application form and attach your resume and/or portfolio to –

Tell Us About Yourself! Why Do You Want To Join MAG!?

Take Our Culture Index Survey