Upgrade Your Main Image CTR

Is your main image attractive enough to generate clicks from the search page? Make a good first impression and have more shoppers discover your products on Amazon.

Main Image CTR Upgrade | Amazon Experts | Amazon FBA Agency | My Amazon Guy
Upgrade Main Image CTR

Improve Search Ranking and Get More Clicks

Main Image CTR Upgrade | Amazon Experts | Amazon FBA Agency | My Amazon Guy

Click Through Rate: Making Every Click Count

CTR measures the percentage of users who click on your product listing after viewing it from search.

CTR plays a crucial role in driving traffic which leads to more sales.

  • Lower PPC ACOS
  • Higher SEO Rankings

CTR is not just a vanity metric; it has a direct impact on your bottom line. A high CTR signals that your product listing is compelling, engaging, and relevant to shoppers. It means that more potential customers are intrigued by your product and are actively interested in exploring further. By increasing your CTR, you enhance your chances of turning browsers into buyers, boosting sales, and outperforming your competition.

Main Image CTR Upgrade | Amazon Experts | Amazon FBA Agency | My Amazon Guy

Improved Main Image Examples

A good main image in an Amazon listing should be visually appealing, clearly showcase the product, and accurately represent its features and benefits. We put together some of our favorite main image improvements that we’ve done for our clients, and detail the changes that were made to improve them to help increase their CTR. 

Sage Sticks

Age of Sage Before and After Amazon Main Image CTR Upgrade

Steven’s own Age of Sage product needed a CTR upgrade. It’s amazing what adding a box, logo, 3 pack call out, a keyword, and some color can do. 

Cookie Baking Sheets

Two pictures of cookie baking sheets sold on Amazon.

You can smell the difference. Simply adding cookies and a sticker on the pan with a keyword that shows what the product can be used with makes this stand out. Adding the 3 piece set also helps consumers understand what they are getting quickly.

HappyMe Journal

Main image example before and after

The original main image that our client had for the HappyMe Journal was a basic product shot of the yellow journal on a white background. It was a pretty standard image and majority of main images on Amazon would look like this. But we had some good ideas that we felt could help improve its conversion rate. Among them is showing what the inside of the journal looks like and placing a small note about the age bracket that the journal is intended for. Aside from that, we also placed large text in the front of the journal showing a short description of this product.

Result: 3x CTR and 3x sales. With no other changes to the product page or PPC.

Living Juice

Main Image Living Juice
Main Image CTR Upgrade | Amazon Experts | Amazon FBA Agency | My Amazon Guy

The living juice first image did show how many someone will receive upon purchase but it’s less important than showing the fruit and veggies off. Add to that the fact that someone looking for a drink like this really cares that there’s no sugar so that needed major emphasis on the front of the main image. And we slammed it via the packaging. It mentions of one of its main features, and it’s easily readable when seen in the search results page. 


Stunning before and after pictures showcasing the transformative power of a shaver, perfect for marketplace listings and effective marketing management.

Adding a box helps consumers understand it’s a real brand. The text additions emphasize the key FAQs customers have anxiety about such as skin type.

Microwave Heating Pad

Microwave Heating Pad Image Hack

The original main image for this product was too simple, and you can’t even tell what it it is.  It would be difficult for it to stand out and grab attention on a page. To improve this, we included the packaging in the main image, with the product name clearly visible, then a small “Made in USA” hangtag  was also added over the product.

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Improve CTR through Main Image Optimization

The main image is considered one of the greatest contributors to click-through rate (CTR) on Amazon. The main image is usually the first visual that potential customers see when browsing through search res