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Marketplace Launch: Walmart/eBay/Etsy

Looking for more ways to grow your business?Β 

My Amazon Guy can assist your business in getting it properly set up in these additional marketplaces: Walmart, Etsy & eBay


Pricing: $500 per Video

Marketplace Launch Service Will Include:

Pros for Launch on Etsy

Pros for Launch on eBay

Pros for Launch on Walmart

Increase Product Visibility

Grow Your Sales Revenue

Reach More & New Shoppers

Increase Brand Awareness

Client Responsibilities:

Marketplace Launch Service Includes:


Need more help? Contact us with any
questions or concerns
Upon launch client responsible for manually shipping orders. We will provide training on how to utilize a mutli-channel fulfillment order out of Amazon.
My Amazon Guy will optimize all listings for traffic and conversion include advertising setup, full merchandising & SEO.
This service does not include account management. The cost just includes launch services. Account management services can be discussed, click here to contact us for account management.

Expand Your Amazon Business
into Multiple Marketplaces

Walmart: $1000 | Etsy: $800 | eBay: $800

Our Marketplace Launch Service Consists Of: