Parentage Services

Parentage refers to the connecting of variations, such as color or size, to the same listing. This gives customers improved options to purchase. This services is only offered to full service clients at My Amazon Guy, due to the complicated nature of catalog work. 


Examples of Variations on Amazon

1. Size

A package of dog bones with a label on it, optimized for marketing management.

2. Quantity

A package featuring eyeliner that was purchased on Amazon.

3. Color

Nba marketing management.

4. Flavor

Two bottles of sauce on a page, managed by My Amazon Guy for effective marketing on Seller Central.

5. Color and Size

Amazon marketplace account management for Corona outdoor LED wall sconces.

6. Dimensions

A golf putting mat is available for purchase on Amazon, the popular online marketplace.


A plane flying in the sky against a black background.

Shared Keyword Rankings

A plane flying in the sky against a black background.

Increase Conversion Rate

Two shopping bags on a green background in a marketplace.

Helps weaker variations get stronger

Parentage Best Practices

Below are guidelines we follow when we build your parentage.
  1. Download a template that matches the item category of all child listings. You’ll want to create a parentage in the back-end to avoid errors in uploading.
  2. It’s best to group together the listings with the same Brands/Manufacturers/Categories per parentage to avoid errors in uploading.
  3. On the template, make sure to fill out the parent name completely except for its size and color.
  4. On the template, always make sure to fill out the update_delete “PartialUpdate” and condition_type “New” headers.
  5. If there is no condition_type header in the template, you can just add it at the end of the template’s headers.
  6. If bullets and description are available, please add them to parent details.
  7. When selecting a variation_theme, please make sure that each child listing has a unique size or color attributes to avoid errors in uploading.
  8. Lastly, try to troubleshoot and fix the error encountered on uploading. If nothing works, call or file a case to Amazon.
A woman multitasking on her laptop while efficiently managing her Amazon seller central account.

Parentage FAQs

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