Parentage (Connect Variations)

Parentage (Connect Variations) 1

Services offered:

  • Research into Your Products/Listings That Need to Be Parented
  • Quick and Efficient Parentage Creation/Edits - All Parentage Types, from Simple 1-Step Variations to Complicated Multi-Listing 2-Step Variations, Parentage Breaks and Edits, Parentage Transfers, and More
  • Catalog/Case Log Management - Should There be Any Issue with the Parentage (Review Issues, Listing Errors, Buy-box Issues, etc) - We Will Address and Follow Up with Amazon Until Corrected.

No Longer Will You Have to Attempt to Create Complicated Listing Variations Alone – The Experts at My Amazon Guy Have You Covered

What is Parentage?

The connecting of variations such as color or size to the same listing which give customers improved options to purchase.

Size Parentage

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Quantity Parentage

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Color Variation Parentag

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Shared Keyword Rankings

Parentage (Connect Variations) 6

Increase Conversion Rate

Parentage (Connect Variations) 7

Helps weaker variations get stronger

Frequently Asked Question

  • Will reviews combine? Most likely yes, however in some categories Amazon no longer combines reviews. We do not guarantee reviews will combine on a parentage.


"Wow... seamless.. Thanks My Amazon Guy!"
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