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My Amazon Guy A/B Test

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What is A PickFu?

PickFu is a reliable online platform that generates powerful and instant consumer comparison/review voting.

You can crowdsource hundreds of opinions from your target audience.

The more you understand the value of consumer feedback, the clearer your path to success. Before you start listing products or spending your ad budget, PickFu can establish a clear and confident direction of strength.

After an A/B test launch, the results (when applied correctly) can deliver the gift of perception, which you can then turn into profit.

How Can A Well Designed PickFu Help Me?

Anyone can purchase and submit a PickFu. The key to a successful PickFu, however, is a well-designed and launched A/B test.

Without first establishing clean and well-developed content, your PickFu results will be inconsistent and lead to wasted money.


What Can My Amazon Guy Do for You?

Why hire us to run your PickFu test? The answer’s simple. We have seasoned experience launching countless A/B tests and have established relevant insights on how to get the best results.
With over 1,800 participants on our tests so far, we know we can get you the information you need to improve your sales.

Testable Areas:

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Enhanced Brand Content


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Improve Your Click Through Rate

Increase Conversion Rate

Making Data-based Decisions Starts with a Well-Run Test

Below you’ll see how you can get to the wrong conclusion if you don’t ask the right questions. The test result goes from 44-56 to 32-68 in favor of flower in the shot. In an accurate A/B test, you can only test one thing at a time. Testing both the label removal and the flower resulted in a dual test that failed to provide any meaningful data.

Poorly Worded Test

Well Run Test

PickFu A/B FAQs

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