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Approach to Search Engine Optimization

3,000 Customers Served

Amazon SEO Phase 1: Search Term Optimization

Optimize your back-end search terms for your listings on Amazon with Phase 1 of our Amazon SEO services. The process looks like this: 

Amazon SEO Phase 2: Copy and Pink Keyword Update

Optimize your backend search terms for your Amazon listings. Phase 2 of our SEO Service Offering includes:

Amazon SEO Phase 3 - Strike Zone Keywords

Optimize your back end search terms for your listings on Amazon

In our Phase 3 of 3 Service:

Amazon SEO Phase 4: Search Query Report

Market Share Indexing Phase

Increases marketshare for top ranking keywords determined by Amazon’s search query report, by inputting these exact match phrases into our SEO strategy. For mature listings already eligible for the phase 3 strikezone strategy.