Amazon SEO Phase 2 - Copy & Pink Keyword Update

Optimize your back end search terms for your listings on Amazon
In our Phase 2 of 3 Service:

    • Title and Bullets Point Features Adjusted for additional keyword inclusions. 
    • We update for “Pink” keywords – Words already in the title/bullets are removed to make room for additional indexing opportunities in the Search Term Field.

SEO Phase 2

About SEO Phase 2 - Title/Bullet Copy & Pink Keyword Update

This SEO strategy follows our SEO Phase 1 implementation of best practices and builds upon it. We run multiple phases for maximum indexing and keyword rankings.

In this strategy, we slough off words already in the title or bullet points from the search term field. We then find new keyword opportunities for indexing in the search term field. We also update the title and bullet points to clean them up for ideal keyword improvements. 

Title Optimization Example

Original Title

Jones New York Compact & Foldable Travel Umbrella – Perfect Size for Small Car Umbrella w/ Automatic Open/Close Feature – Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Weatherproof, Wind Resistant – 2 Pack (Magenta/Teal)

Optimized Title

Jones New York Elegant and Fashionable Women’s Folding Umbrella – Portable, Weatherproof, and Spacious – Professional Style Gear for Today’s Modern Women – 42” in Coverage – 2 Pack Set (Magenta/Teal)

Low-value search terms include:

    • Words that are also used in the ASIN’s title, bullet points, or description and already indexed.
    • Superfluous words that may not be recognized such as (“and”, “for”, “amazing”, “new”)
    • Any repeated keywords are safely removed and replaced with new and other search terms.
    • This is because they show in the title or copy of the detail page. Amazon doesn’t need them in the search terms field. So we replace them with other words.

How does My Amazon Guy Optimize Your Search Terms?

  • We start by auditing your Search Terms
  • We use Helium 10 to identify Low Value Terms
  • We look for common misspellings, Spanish, and terms that relate to your item which are not already in your copy content.

Why is this important?

  • My Amazon Guy has tested this technique a hundred clients, and in most cases, there are significant increases in organic ranking once the search terms optimization is done. Better indexing and higher keyword rankings.
  • Organic ranking helps your search term results both on Amazon and in search engines off of Amazon such as Google.
  • This is a valuable exercise that can pay significant dividends in the medium to long term.

Benefits of Our Service:

  • Fully built and hand select keywords by experts
  • Rank organically for your keywords overtime
  • Increase visibility for listing, leading to increase number of clicks
  • You Have our Years of Knowledge and Experience on your Side!

Why Hire My Amazon Guy?

My Amazon Guy has years of knowledge and experience behind us regarding to keyword research with Amazon. We know all the ins and outs when it comes to selecting our choice of keywords for Amazon product listings. The mistake we’ve seen very frequently is that many sellers are often under utilizing their search terms! There are also a list of keywords and rules to avoid that you may not know of. With our internal search term optimization best practices, My Amazon Guy has you covered!

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