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Seller Central

Are you interested in building your Seller Central account to eventually qualify for Vendor Central? Do you currently qualify for Vendor Central and are weighing your options? Are you currently a Vendor Central seller and struggling with the strict guidelines and procedures? MAG is here to help!

Amazon vendor central

What is Seller Central?

Unlike Seller Central, Vendor Central is used by first-party sellers. This invite-only program allows you to directly sell your products to Amazon in bulk to be “shipped and sold by Amazon”, which displays on the product listing. This can be a great option to increase confidence in your brand, access more powerful advertising strategies, and deal with fewer merchandising issues, since Amazon is your primary buyer.

What can My Amazon Guy Do for You in Seller Central?

Our team is trained in the following areas and are ready to help you with:

  • A+ Content
  • Title, bullet point, and description optimization
  • Chargebacks
  • Open statements
  • Cases
  • Reports
  • Advertising
  • Direct Fulfillment setup and management
  • VC Brand Store creation
  • Compliance document filing
  • Catalog Management
  • Coupon and Promotion
  • Setup / Management
  • Vine Program Setup
  • AB Testing
  • Dispute Management
  • Product upload
  • Purchase Order Management Assistance / Chargebacks
  • VC PPC Management
  • VC Transfer to SC

Additional Services

Listing optimization is the process of updating & changing the listing’s product detail pages that will result in improving search visibility, click-through rate & conversion rate to overall, generate more sales.

We will make sure your existing catalog is optimized and work to optimize and new items to your catalog. Our listing optimizations include writing titles, bullets, and descriptions, keyword research, and infographic design.

My Amazon Guy has years of knowledge and experience in growing sales for over 500+ Amazon Sellers. Our keyword research is through various powerful tools we utilize in-house. We are up to date with Amazon’s Seller Best Practices & will apply that to your listings.